Same route, different day, different effort

On Friday I ran this route, 8.7 easy miles. I kept my HR, averaging 140 all the way around.

I didn’t look at the time once, and finished in just under 79 mins, avg pace 9:04. The time / pace was a result of my effort (easy / aerobic 140 HR).

I felt good during it and after it, and not too ‘buzzed up’. It set me up well for my day at work and I had no DOMS after it. Garmin training effect 3.2, max HR 155.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), I’m going to run the same route, but I’m going to push my HR to 160 instead. (Anaerobic / hard!)

Let’s see what that results in?

Avg HR
Max HR
Garmin Training Effect
After Buzz

Lucky I’m booked in for a massage on Thursday night eh? 😉

Better set my alarm now and get my cape ready!

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