Last run of 2010 … I think.

Wednesday morning and it’s about 4’C outside. The snow has finally thawed and there are now only small avoidable areas of ice left over on small sections of the pavements.

So I figured I’d attempt my Maxwell Park route. I had mg Garmin, Nike Plus and wee Veho Muvi camera. The camera clips quite nicely onto my garmin strap. I figured I’d use it a few times on the run to see what the photos/ videos would turn out like.

I was 5 mins in and I knew I was doing well. I was further on than I normally am at that time. The first mile was an 8 minute mile and I finished just under 4 miles in just under 32 minutes – 30:51 moving time – so just under 8 minute miles all the way round. (7.7mph on average! – the last mile was 8.1mph / 7:24 mins per mile).

It’s a bit jumpy and might make you feel a bit sick…. but here’s the first running video from my Veho Muvi camera – I did try and hold it steady – but failed! :

It was great to get outside and I really felt stronger running outside rather than on the treadmill. I know the treadmill has it’s place, (controlled hills and speed sessions and warm ups before resistance work) but if I can run outside I much prefer it.

Anyway, I think my run today will be my last one for 2010. I’ll have a few days off before I start my marathon training next week.

Run: 3.93M, 31:20, 7:50 min miles, 416 calories.
Ave HR: 155 (82%), Max HR: 171 (90%).

After the run I had some home of my left over leek n potato soup and a sausage roll from the new greggs across the road. I did find it funny after my run, straight after it, going into greggs for ‘some pies’. But I figured I’d need to eat something substantial before giving blood as I planned to do.

I walked into town, then gave blood and around about and ended up walking just over 3 miles. I gave my 17th pint of blood today and I’d like to make it 20 next year, maybe give in end of May, September and December. After major runs I’m planning to give me time to recover (from running and from giving blood).

All in all I had a pretty good day. And now I’m off out for a meal. Yum yum in the Pelican on Argyll street. A very nice new wee place opposite the kelvingrove museum.

I’ll post the pics and bumpy videos from my run on the post later.

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