Wk52 – Circuits – my last workout of 2010

Friday morning, the last day of the year I joined my friend Jackie for circuits at Bellahouston. It consists of running hills for about 45 minutes, then about 40 minutes of circuits indoors.

I’m ok on the hills, you can take it at your own pace and push yourself when you want to.

At 9:30 we jogged outside. It was a rather warm 4’C a little foggy and there had been smirry rain. It was ok though.

There was no way I was wearing my new trainers, so I wore my saucony xodus cross trainers. They’re not too good for running on the pavements, but ideal for trail running and running in the mud. They’re black too so when they get all muddy it doesn’t really matter. See them here after circuits today. :-/. I just take them off at the door then wash them in the sink straight away. It sorts them.

We jogged outside and did a lap of the track, then we ran over to the steps and went up and down them about 5 times. Then we were led over to the next hill (on grass) where our feet got wet for the first time. Up and down the second hill about 4 times.

We then ran along to the 3rd hill, triangular, up on concrete/ path, down the grass. We did about 3 reps of that hill.

Then we went up a steep grass hill. Hill number 4. I ran up and down once, then caught Jackie and she chased me up the hill. At the top I felt very sick and needed to rest a bit. Ha ha. It’s funny now but it wasn’t then. I went up and down that hill about 2 more times.

Hill 5 was the steepest, up and down concrete path about 5 times. Then we went along to hill 6 and I was really starting to feel it. I think I’d felt sick about 3 times by this point. I’m blaming it on me giving blood on wednesday as normally I can take that kind if work.

The 7th and final hill was up and over the top of Bella park. I did that about 4 times, then the coach made me do it one more time.

Before we went back into the hall, we’d done 3.1 miles of hill running and we were made to go up and down the steps one last time. We finished and we’d done 3.25 miles in about 40 minutes.

After that it was into the hall to do some work on the step, with weights and on the floor. I still wasn’t feeling 100% so didn’t give it all my effort. But tried my best. It was a good workout but I was glad when it was over!! I liked the hill running part but not so Much the indoors stuff.

Hill Runs: 3.25M, 41 mins, 500 calories approx.
Ave HR: 139 (73%), Max HR: 182 (96%)

Anyway, that’s 2010 finished. 🙂 see you all in 2011.

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