Nike Plus…

When I started running properly in June 2008 I got my Nike Plus chip which linked to my iPod Nano.  You put your chip on or in your shoe and link it to your Nano to get feedback in your ear as you run.  You can set it to timed feedback…. (so it tells you once you’ve done 5 minutes etc) or distance feedback (so it tells you once you’ve done 1 mile).

Along with the chip recording your runs and your nano giving you feedback, you also get motivational messages from people like Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe when you do your fastest mile or your longest run.

You sign up on and every run you log is recorded.  You can add comments to your run and add friends who also use nike plus.  You can set yourself and your nike friends challenges and goals and go on the nike plus forum and talk with other like minded runners.

It logs your distance, time, pace for each run and records the amount of calories you’ve burned.  You can get the chip for about £19 from Amazon to go with a nano, or you can run with just the chip linked to a sportband, or get the nike plus app on your iphone.

You also get levels which you progress through.  You start on Yellow (0-49k), then you go to Orange (50-249k), Green (250-999k), Blue (1000-2499k), Purple (2500 – 4999k) and finally Black (5000k+).

After 1283 miles (since June 2008), I am on the Blue level.  I have 269 miles to go before I get to the purple level, so all going well, I should get there by early March I think.

I’ve run with the nike plus chip 266 times, 187 hours, 131,902 calories!   The only thing with the nike plus chip is that it runs out of battery after a while.  I’m on my 3rd one now…and they’re £12 a pop!  And the other thing is that you have to calibrate the chip to your running stride and sometimes the distances aren’t too accurate….but then that’s what garmins are for. 😀

I think the Nike Plus chip is well worth it and a great piece of training / motivational kit – especially for someone starting to run, or picking up running again in the New Year!  Go on treat yourself. 😀

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