Wk49 – Thursday – Withdrawl symptoms…

As I already mentioned… 5 days off last week due to my cold… which I’m over. Then this week… I’ve been restricted by the snow. I managed to get to the gym on Monday morning before the snow came, but for some reason the whole of the central belt has frozen over.

The roads aren’t that bad, but people are panic buying and the Council has decided that they’re closing centres and facilities left right and centre. The only positive thing is that the temperature is due to rise above 0 today and the next fews days which will hopefully see a bit of thawing taking place, plus a bit more normality.

Last night the gym didn’t stay open til 7pm, it was open to 6pm…so I didn’t get a workout. That’s now Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday I’ve been restricted from running / training. 😦

So here’s the plan….Tues & Wed as rest days… Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun as training days. 😀 Get back into it and back into the weights which I was meant to last week!

As I said last week, I don’t mind this weather as long as it doesn’t stop me doing something…which this week it has done and it’s been REALLY frustrating!!

I’ll see how I feel on Saturday as to whether I’ll repeat the weights or do some swimming instead.  Oh – and I’ve taken a half shift yesterday – finishing at 12 so I’m going to the gym in the afternoon.  For a weights session (with warm up 2 mile run) and then a wee tempo run.  🙂 

Tempo run: 2k = 12.5kph, 2k = 13.5kph, 2k = 14kph, 2k 14.5kph.

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