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Even More Crazy Intense Circuits

I’ve created a new circuits challenge following on from my Crazy Intense Circuits and inspired by my use of a body pump barbell in my last circutis class, I thought I’d create a new circuits workout where you do 1 minute of work, for 25 exercises. It’s … Continue reading

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Lorn’s Crazy Intense Circuits

A little bit inspired by the circuit class last night… I thought I’d try and mix my circuits up a bit – and make them even more challenging! I was doing a warm up of 7 exercises repeated 3 times, then 3 circuits … Continue reading

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Wk50 – Tuesday double Spinfit

Tuesday night = Spinfit night. Usual night with Helen, crazy lady. She had new tunes tonight and a new workout which is always good. Nice to get a change. There was a bit of Pink and Lady Gaga, Faster Kill … Continue reading

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Wk49 – Thursday – Withdrawl symptoms…

As I already mentioned… 5 days off last week due to my cold… which I’m over. Then this week… I’ve been restricted by the snow. I managed to get to the gym on Monday morning before the snow came, but … Continue reading

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Wk44 – Spinfit

My legs were a little tender after my second session back at the weigths on Monday night, but I’d booked myself in for a double spinfit class…so hell mend me. The class was fun as usual.  Helen taking it again. … Continue reading

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