Wk53 into Wk1 & a blast from the past

Well well … goodbye 2020, hello 2021… my training is back around to week 1 of the year, and as I’m on leave, sleeping and eating a lot, I have plenty time and energy for my training and quite a few walks too.

With the covid restrictions, we’re stuck to walking in Glasgow, but that’s not too bad… we’ve been into town twice, Glasgow Green, Queens Park and Bellahouston Park, and Kelvingrove too… not to mention around the Clyde close to home. About 22-23 miles in total / 15k steps a day on average.

I wouldn’t normally walk that much, but with time off work, and not much else to do, it’s been nice to spend the time with Fit Girl in the holidays. Even though it’s been baltic.

The light has been lovely, low sun, and great big blue skies…pretty spectacular.

And I’ve learned to wrap up well… sometimes with 5 layers on top, and two pairs of gloves etc. Oh and leg warmers too! 😂

I’ve also been running… easing back into running non stop … and it’s feeling ok. My leg still isn’t 100%, but I think what I did in terms of running, spin and strength will have helped.

Here’s what I did in total:

Mon: 4M run / 2M walk / 45 min spin
Tue: 32 min physio strength / 32 min Strength / 2.4M walk
Wed: 6.2M run / 5M walk
Thu: 45 min spin / 3.6M walk
Fri: 3.4M & 2.2M walk (rest day)
Sat: 5.4M Run / 4.3M walk / 50 min strength
Sun: 45 min spin Sherica / 15 min strength circuit / 2.6M walk

3 spin sessions with Apple Fitness on my spin bike in the garagym. I’ve done workouts with Sherica, Kim, Emily and Bakari… and they’re all good. Although I think I like Sherica and Bakari the most so far.

My sleep has been good and I’ve got used to wearing my new Apple Watch in bed to track it. I’ve woken a few times and got up a couple of times when I couldn’t sleep, but as the leave is going on longer, my sleep seems to be improving. (Helped along by all the exercise no doubt).

Oh and I’ve had to eat my way through some of the chocolate I got as presents too… fuel for my workouts. Ha.

Now here’s my training plan for the next week…

Mon: Apple & Physio Strength
Tue: Run 4 miles
Wed: Physio Strength / Spin
Thu: Run 10k wi Debbie
Fri: Apple & Physio Strength
Sat: Run 5 miles
Sun: Physio Strength / Spin

…keeping running under an hour each time. And alternating run days with strength and spin again. I’ll also be getting walks as I have been. I’d much prefer to be going abroad just now, but hey ho, not the now… maybe one day in 2021.

I also have physio at some point next week, I’ll get a text the day before to remind me when. Maybe Friday I think.

As long as the roads are so icy / it’s so cold, I’ll stick to spin in the garagym … although it is a bit hard, it being so cold in there (with a heater) and you working hard / sweating. This was me at the end of my spin session today.

Next week I’ll hopefully get some nice pics again, nice winter light… sunrises and sunsets. And the odd rainbow like today.

My last bit of chat comes from today (which I posted on my personal Facebook page, and it deserves a mention here I think). We were just starting out our walk today in Bellahouston Park and my phone goes off.

It was my old Art teacher Mr (George) Legg, who’s in his 70s now, but sounded as young, fresh and funny as he always did. We had a good chat about where we were now… then he said he’d had a clear out of is studio and found some of my Higher Art coursework (from around 1995/96)… and more interestingly he thought, a X-ray of the profile of my head.

I can’t remember why I had it done, perhaps to do with some dentist worn I was getting done… but I do remember some of my coursework was to do with the human skull etc. I’d always gone back to visit him up to and after I graduated art school, so he just have had my number from then.

25 years on, and my head / face / body had been through the wars, with a car accident in 1999, a couple of dental implants in the front, a bit of a bent nose, and the big teeth at the back of my jaw in the X-ray are now in, with all the wisdom they’ve brought too (??!). Getting older, but happy and healthy.

When we were on the phone he made some good little jokes (just like he always used to), and he said he’d send me the X-ray and my work to me, which is nice. I look forward to that.

A nice little part to the day, and great start to the new year. 2021, I’m hoping you’ll have some good things in store for me.

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