Lockdown 3, day 1 – 3 good things

Today consisted of a few nice walks… some practical bits and pieces… and some good chat. I’m not sure if I’ll write this every day in January / lockdown … but maybe…

Here’s my three good things from today:

1. The first good thing that happened was I walked up to Finnieston and got my 4th physio session at KM Woods. Everything is going well…

I’m about 95% there, having out the work in…. and Kirsty has given me some hamstring exercises to do to accompany my strength work and running.

I managed to walk the 1.2 miles there and 1.2 miles back this morning, without skipping or falling (it’s quite icy in bits!). Roll on the warmer weather. I’ll not run til Saturday I don’t think… but do the bike or strength (and walks) instead.

Then we went food shopping (I sat in the car to save us being out in the supermarket)… before…

2. I met my friend Lesley for a nice long walk and chat in the West End. Just over 4.5 miles and plenty of chat.

Again it was quite icy in many parts of wheee we walked… but we managed to have a good chat and remained vertical / didn’t fall. It was nice to catch up, and within the rules too.

3. Then I came home to the heater I’d ordered for the garagym… a quality but reasonably priced one from Amazon (with good reviews).

It packs a punch and heats things up quickly.

Along side the other fan heater I have, which shows the room temperate too… it should make things a bit more bearable in there when it’s freezing outside.

It could be the most boring thing in the world ever… but since lockdown is here again, it’s a little bit of excitement for the day.

It was a nice yellow then pink sunset today too… so that was a nice end to a good day.

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