Bike kitted out!

I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but when I was growing up, my Dad used to love to have all the new gadgets… he had a video recorder camera and recorder in the late 70s into the 80s; and he had some of the first Apple Macs in the 80s too – desktop and laptop!

As kids, we were lucky to have our own gadgets too… Casio calculator watches… speedometers on our bikes and little compact cameras.

Now, as you probably know if you know me, this interest (or need) for gadgets has followed me though into adulthood… I love a gadget or an accessory to make life easier or more interesting. (My Garmin is maybe my favourite!)

Now I’m going to tell you about my bike… and all of its gadgets etc it’s kitted out with… any cycle geeks might like this…

I realised when I got back on it recently that I clearly got most of the bits and bobs I needs for it when I bought it and used to cycle on it.

I got my bike as part of a cycle to work scheme maybe 11 or 12 years ago. Bought from Halfords then, it’s a Boardman Team Bike 2008 model. And over the years I’ve added many bits and pieces to it… here goes…

1. Aerobars – so I can get down and streamlined – bought from wiggle I think and added myself.

2. Mudguards – front and back – halford ones.

3. Removable bag under the saddle – which holds a small pump, small tyre repair kit, food, lock keys, lipsalve… and it has my rear light on it too. Bought when I got the bike.

4. Front light – placed on the aerobars, (but not used often as I don’t tend to cycle in the dark). I’ve also got one for my body too, which I could use on my bike, or for running.

5. Topeak Cycle Computer – this has now been made redundant, with my garmin doing the job now, but I used to use it as a distance, time and cadence monitor on the bike. If you want it for free… get in touch.

6. Garmin 645 and cadence monitor – my garmin forerunner can be tied onto a bike mount on the top of my aerobars. It shows lots of information – distance, cadence, heart rate, timer… and it’s set up to auto pause when I stop at anytime too.

The coach function ‘speaks’ to my phone and tells my Bluetooth speaker or headphones (if connected) to speak out loud my heart rate etc. The routes and data all sync to Garmin connect as usual too.

7. Speaker – I have a small Bluetooth speaker which fits perfectly in one of my two bottle holders. I used it to play music from my phone (I wouldn’t ever listen to music through headphones on my bike, as I know it’s Important to hear traffic etc). But the music and feedback through the speaker is cool.

8. Bike helmet – essential, for obvious reasons. This can be secured with the bike lock too, if I’m locking it up.

9. Bike lock and cable to secure it anywhere.

10. Foldaway back pack with a carabiner that can be secured to the front of the bike.

11. Bright jacket with reflective bits – it’s important to be seen. So my Saucony running jacket, with pockets (for my phike etc) and lights is ideal. It keeps the wind off too. I also have a bright yellow DHB cycling one, but it’s in the loft, so the orange one will do.

12. Sunglasses – to keep the flies out of my eyes! I have a few pairs, but I like these Oakley ones (golf ones I think!) which I got direct from Oakley, half price.

13. Trainers which I’ll use for cycling – I have some old purple mizuno trainers that I’ll use for cycling outdoors. I’ve never had proper cycling shoes, but I do have toe clips on this bike, so trainers are fine.

13.1 – I also have good solid plastic toe clips on my bike which sort of remove the need for clip in shoes and pedals. They work for me anyway.

14. Water bottle for in the bike – easy to use in motion, and big enough for plenty water.

15. Side mirror – so I can be aware of things behind me on the road.

16. Possibly the best purchase for my bike – Schwalne puncture resistant tyres! (Marathon plus I think). After a few punctures really put me off years ago, I decided to invest in some puncture resistant tyres – and with the roads and paths of Glasgow, it’s been a god send! Touch wood they be puncture free!

17. gloves – I have bike fingerless ones and I have reflective ones too… but they’re a wee bit on the tight side. Still good in the dark though.

Oh and 18. I have the little white reflectors for the spokes of the wheels too.

There we go! Quite a lot of add ons, but all are totally worth it. And they’ve been a good investment for me to use anytime, even after such a long break from cycling outside.

So to all the experienced cyclists out there…

Is there anything missing, anything you use that is helpful?

What’s a good type of helmet? I might upgrade / get a new one… 😂

And any tips for good traffic free routes in Glasgow welcome too!

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