Walk walk walk – it’s good for you!

Who says walking isn’t as good as running? (Well, maybe it isn’t, but it certainly is very good in its own way!) Walking is certainly good for you, that’s for sure.

Today I pinged awake at 5am and tried to get back to sleep, but it wasn’t for happening so I decided it would be a good chance to maybe catch a sunrise on a walk. Since I’m giving running a break just now, I decided a walk would be a good option today instead.

It was dark when I got up, and I figured if I timed it right and headed East, I’d maybe be lucky enough to catch the day come up in the form of a sunrise – eventually I wasn’t disappointed. (Although the photo above was one I took at the time of leaving – I thought I’d missed it!)

I start work at 9, so when I left the house at 620am I had plenty time to do a good long walk. I thought maybe between an hour and and hour and a half, and I ended up enjoying it so much that I was out for about 1:40 – or 10k / 6.2 miles.

BBC weather said the sunrise would be at 6:38am, and true to form, these photos were taken at around 6:28 to 6:44am.

Glasgow can be pretty sometimes, and during lockdown I’ve become particularly fond of the riverside walk. Initially a but mundane and repetitive, actually it’s a nice and varied walk, full of urban and tree lines spaces with big architecture / landmarks. I feel lucky to live here.

First I headed East, and ended up ok the millenium bridge just before sunrise hit…

Then all of a sudden the skies brightened up, with the sun bouncing off the clouds making them stand out, and leaving me in awe of the pretty sight that went above me.

After that I continued East under the Kingston bridge, and along to and through Glasgow Green.

With its tree lined avenues and people elaine to get places… squirrels and dogs making an appearance too.

I thought of my Dad who used to walk for miles, and my Uncle who’s now around 84… he walks about half an hour a day… each and every day and it’s so good for him.

I was listening to an audiobook, taking my mind into another world away from the present. All the while taking in and enjoying the sights of where I was walking.

I was now about 4 miles and an hour in, and I know it’s about 2 miles home. But I had plenty of time before work. Back along the Southside of the river, last the college and the squiggles bridge. Through the riverside estate and Springfield Quay.

Eventually ending up at our lovely little oasis that is Mavisbank Gardens. Bang in the middle of a city, but leafy, green and as quiet as we need / want it to be.

Now here’s the stats:

10k / 6.2M in nearly 100 minutes.
Avg HR 94, max 111.
Calories burned 501.
Steps about 12,000.

– Walking is great as it’s easy, it gives you time to breathe, and to think.

– It allows you to take in the world, and not have to concentrate too much (like running and cycling can have you doing).

– You can stop and take photos, to capture and share the moment.

– You can phone others people and walk, or walk with and talk / engage with others as you walk.

– You don’t tend to work too hard walking either, so you’re less sweaty than when you’ve been on a run or a cycle.

– Almost anyone can do it – it’s a good calorie burner and a good way to get some fresh air and a good start to the day (or break in the day).

– You can do it with your family, young children (pushchair), friends, anyone who’s up for it and able. You can take it really easily, or sit and rest if need be.

– On it being a good fat / calorie burner… we burn about the same calories (or more) walking a distance as running it, (as it takes much longer). Ie me running a 10k it takes 50 mins / 590 cals… me walking a 10k takes 100 mins / 500 cals, and still gets me moving aerobically.

– It can be as little as 5 minutes, to 5 hours or more… you choose – build up to whatever you want to do. 5×30-60 mins a week, or 95 miles over 3 or 4 or 5 days (ie west highland way etc).

– it keeps you fit, and of done regularly can help lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure.

Put simply – it’s magic!

Walking is a proper good medicine and I’d recommend it to anyone.

It can change your life – (maybe in a different way to running), but it’s probably more easy and accessible to more people. So… what are you waiting for? Why don’t you get out and walk some more?

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