Just imagine…

When I was young, my Dad loved gadgets. 😬

He would always invest in the latest technology, usually cameras, and then computers – Apple Macs to be precise. I was very lucky to have a pocket camera when I was small, and the best ‘Walkman’ you could buy.

I was also lucky to get a few hand-me-down Apple Macs for free from him (whenever he upgraded). It might be why I love and invest in my many gadgets.

Here he is, in around 1984… it was a family trip to Cyprus. Here he is, arm outstretched to me (I like to think), with a big massive Sony video camera (probably, it had to be the best) in his hand… and over his shoulder, was the take recorder to go with it. 

He took them all the way to Cyprus to record our holiday. (And we had a big film still camera with us, to take the photo of him too!)

Then here we are, on a stormy day near home maybe, him with his SLR camera, taking a photo of me in my winter jacket, red gloves, levi jeans and Levi trainers (honestly, they existed!). I think this photo was taken when my aunt visited us. 

I was out for a quick walk tonight and came across a nice view of the Squinty Bridge, with the Finnieston crane and the Hydro light up in rainbow colours… and I took out my tiny little iPhone and recorded a 30 second clip (excuse my dodgy filming skills).

(Even the lights in the Hydro are so very far from what would have been seen 30 yrs ago!)

I immediately thought of my Dad and his big hefty camera and recording kit. I bet he couldn’t have imagined was gadgets / technology would be like 30 odd years from 1984. Just imagine what it’ll be like in 2047?!!
I feel very lucky he had such an interest and investment in technology, and that he passed that onto me. 👍🏻 He still does love gadgets, but he says it’s all moving too fast for him to keep up. ☹️ I’ll need to carry on the legacy and keep up with it instead. 😜

And just imagine what he could have done with today’s technology back then?!

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