First big cycle for a while

I had a much better sleep last night 💤 👍🏻 and woke around 6am ready to do some form of exercise. I thought I’d try and get out on my bike for a proper cycle at some point when the weather was ok, and today seemed to be that morning. 🚲

I woke up with a coffee ☕️, had half a banana, and went out to the garagym to fix my new Garmin cadence sensor on my bike.

I also put a speaker in my spare bottle holder… played some Sigma and got going on my bike at 7am. The speaker is good too as it syncs to my garmin / phone and reads out my heart rate etc. I totally have all the gadgets I need… maybe I have all the gear and no idea? 🤣

I’m still cautious on the roads, but figured I’d find a flat cycle path and the Clyde one seemed like a good option. First I went out to the new transport museum to get my bearings with the bike again, then I turned and saw the sunrise, and cycled about 6 or 7 miles east. 🚲 😃

I had to stop for a bit and swap the cadence monitor over as it was rubbing a bit at one point, but it’s sorted now.

I wasn’t sure about timings (how long it would take, if I could go further and still fit it in before work), but it ended up being about 84 mins on the bike, with about 74 mins moving. When I turned around I checked and I was about 3.7 miles from home – maybe 20 mins on the bike.

Average HR 140, max 159. I was able to push it on some bits and aimed to get my cadence at about 80 ish (although the average cadence was about 65). I finished at 16 miles.

Oh and about 40 mins in the endorphins kicked in and I felt magic – just like the runners high.

A good wee start to the day and I’ll be at my desk as planned, for 930am. The mirror seems to work well too, I just need to remember to look in it!

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