100 miles in October

Clearly I couldn’t resist rounding it up to 100 miles for October. 😳😂 I was planning on doing a Strength session today and a run tomorrow, so the simple thing to do was to swap them around.

I had aimed for 85 miles in October, but rather overshot a bit, getting up to 96 miles by the 30th. I couldn’t not do 4 miles today.

Here’s what my year running has looked like so far, I’ve rounded every months mileage up to the nearest 5 or 10.

Jan: 100
Feb: 105
Mar: 100
Apr: 80
May: 75
Jun: 50
Jul: 90
Aug: 80
Sep: 70

Oct: 100

So that will be … 850 miles in 10 months. And I’m not sure what target I’ll aim for for the year – it looks like I might go over the 1,000 target of set myself.

Here’s what my year so far looks like in an annual graph:

Today’s run was up to Maxwell Park and back as the day came up. I left at just before 6:45am….

I did a 12 minute warm up then 4 x 30 second cadence drills where you pick up your cadence for 30 seconds, then recover for 30 seconds, 4 times.

Then a run for 6 minutes and then 2 x 30 acceleration glides, accelerate into the half way point, then slow down towards the end. Then it was about 1.5 miles home.

Looking forward to some rest days at the end of this week.

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