Strength Progress in July

Since about the second week in July (from the 6th July)… I’ve been doing around 2-3 strength workouts a week.

I started off with a Kettlebell workout (outside) on the 6th July, then went into doing a Squat based workout one day in the week and a Deadlift based workout on another day in the week. All in Foxy’s Garagym, usually first thing in the morning.

I also did a Super 5s workout on the 18 July as a spare workout. And I’ve been running 3-4 times a week too, averaging about 20 miles a week / around 90,000 steps a week.

When I’ve been doing my main workouts, I’ve aimed to either increase the weight I’m lifting, or increase the reps. Now that I’ve been doing the main workouts for 3 weeks, I’m looking to see what my progress has been, and aim to plan out what my next lifts should be like in terms of weight / reps. The finishers should also come down in time hopefully.

I’ve been conscious about what I’ve been eating / consuming, but not too much, and I haven’t been too restrictive. Mainly just reminding myself to eat well, not be greedy and try not to have too many treats. 🙂

At the moment I’m deadlifting 80% of my bodyweight and squatting 66% of my bodyweight…I’ll see if I can increase those percentages to 105% deadlift and 85% squat in the next 4 weeks. I’ll also keep up my running, around 3 or 4 times a week.

I was away a couple of weekends in July which maybe prevented me from fitting 3 strength sessions in each week, but I’ll aim to do that in August for the most part.

I’m feeling nice and strong after building for 3 weeks, and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can progress to in the next 4 weeks.

Here’s my workouts / progress and plans:

Squat Strength Workout
– Squat 35-42kg 3×6,
– Squat 1xAMRAP 35-42kg – x14-20 reps
– Romanian Deadlift 36-51kg 3×10
– KB Swing 16kg 3×12
– Squat to Press 2x8kg 3×10
– Reverse Lunge 2x8kg 3×10
– TRX Atomic Press Up 3×10
– Sledgehammer 15kg 3×10
– Finisher:
3×6 Clean n Press 21kg / 3×10 Press Ups
5×10 KB Swings 16kg in between

10 July 35kg/36kg/8kg/12kg/3:50 x20
20 July 37kg/ 41kg/8kg/15kg/6:30 x20
25 July 42kg/51kg/8kg/15kg/5:55 x14
Next 45kg/56kg/12.5kg/15kg
Next 47kg/56kg/12.5kg/15kg
Next 52kg/61kg/12.5kg/20kg
Next 55kg/61kg/12.5kg/20kg

Deadlift Strength Workout
– Deadlift 51kg 3×6,
– Deadlift 1xAMRAP 46-51kg – x12-14 reps
– Press Ups 3×15
– Bent Over Row 2×12.5kg 3×10
– Clean n Press 21-24kg 3×8
– Single Leg Deadlift 12.5kg 3×10
– TRX Squat to Row 3×10
– Press Up Holds 3×8-10
Finisher: 21,15,9
KB Swing 16kg / Sledgehammer 15kg plate

16 July 46kg/2×12.5kg/21kg/12.5kg/10/8 x12,x9
23 July 51kg/2×12.5kg/21kg/12.5kg/10/10 x12
31 July 51kg/2×12.5kg/24kg/12.5kg/15/8 x14
Next 56kg/32kg/24kg/12.5kg/18/10
Next 56kg/32kg/26kg/25kg/20/12
Next 61kg/36kg/26kg/25kg/22/14
Next 66kg/36kg/26kg/25kg/24/16

KB Workout 80/20
– KB Swings 16kg x80
– Clean n press 12kg x20 (10es)
– KB Goblet Squats 12kg x80
– Press Ups x20
– KB High Pulls 12kg x80
– Clean n press 12kg x20 (10es)
– KB Romanian Deadlift 16kg 80 secs
– Burpees x20

6 July

Super5s Workout

Warm up then 4 rounds of 30:10:

– Squats / Clean n Press left

– Clean n Press right / Jumping Jacks

– Press Ups / Bent Over Row 2×12.5kg

– Single leg deadlifts / KB Swings

– Lunges / Burpees

Finisher: 3×50 secs Farmers Walk 12kg

18 July

Now perhaps the results I was looking for:

Weight & Body Composition Progress
25 June 139.2lbs / 16.8% bf / 79.7% lbm
23.4lbs bf / 115.8lbs lbm/other
76cm waist = 45% waist to height ratio

30 July 137.4lbs / 15.0% bf / 81.3% lbm
20.6lbs lbm / 116.8lbs lbm/other
72cm waist = 43% waist to height ratio

That’s a reduction of almost 2lbs in weight, but a reduction in body fat of nearly 3lbs and an increase in lean body mass / other weight of 1lb. Down 4cm around my waist – that’ll do nicely. :-).

One month’s progress – and I’m happy with that. I must keep the momentum going with it and see how I get on. (And remember to prep my food where possible / eat well, and maybe not eat everything in sight too – it’s all about balance!)

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