There’s only one Lorn?

Today I saw that there’s an online tool which has been set up which holds all of the first names registered in Scotland since 1974.

I put my name in and selected female, and it turns out I that in 1980 I was the first baby girl to be registered with my name since the register started in ’74.

Then after me, there have been 10 other female Lorn’s registered, all from about 1990 (and none registered in about the last 10 or 11 years).

I think my mum had been concerned to make a girl Lorn without an e (as it was generally a boys name), but perhaps I set a (slow burning) trend for another 10 to be named as ‘Lorn’?

In comparison, there are 28 boys who were registered with my name in Scotland since 1974.

I thought there was only one Lorn, but it seems there might be up to 39 out there!


Try the tool for yourself or your kids, the link is above. 🙂

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