Wk30 into Wk31

Last week I did two good strength sessions, three runs, had two rest days and did a swim. Another good week of training, I was feeling good on the run on Saturday, like I could run forever … which is a good sign.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: Super Deadlift Strength B
Tue: Run Coaching 4M
Wed: Super Squat Strength A / Run Coaching 10k
Thu: Rest & Travel
Fri: 1,250m swim
Sat: 7.2 miles easy
Sun: Rest & Travel

Once again, I took a kettlebell and Wright away with me whilst visiting, but I didn’t use them. Two strength sessions are fine and I got to catch up with my Dad instead, and get some good sleeps in.

I’m still training for the Scottish half marathon and I’m still on track with my run training:

Next week here’s my plan:

Mon: Super Deadlift Strength B
Tue: 6.4M run (round up to 80 miles for July)
Wed: KB 80/20 + finisher
Thu: 45 min speedwork run / possible lunchtime 2-3 miles
Fri: Super Squat Strength A
Sat: 9-10M long run
Sun: Rest

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