11.3M Sherbrooke & Nithsdale hill reps 

Running is a funny thing. I went all weekend unconsciously putting off my long run… I was doing just about anything instead of running, and coming up with lots of excuses, then when I finally did it, as soon as I got out, I felt good and did an unexpected long hard hill session and ran 1.3 mile further than I’d planned. 

It was cold this weekend – right? It’s winter, and the cold snap has hit. 0-5’C, frosty in the mornings, cold the rest of the time. I was meant to be running coaching 10 miles on Sunday, and I was going to run there and back to make about 15 miles in total. 

So on Saturday I decided I’d do a wee strength session – 25 minutes of HIIT and 10 mins of kettlebells (7 exercises, 2 circuits). 

The rest of Saturday was spent doing some Christmas shopping and out for coffee and pizza for a late lunch at one of our favourite places – ‘Alforno’ not far from Pollokshaws Rd / Victoria Road. Chicken mushrooms peppers and onion. Yum. 

Then I received a text from my client I was coaching on Sunday saying she wasn’t well and would need to cancel. We were due to run at 830am and it was probably going to be icy, so it was probably for the best for her health wise and for me too. 

Sunday I woke up early, around 7am and couldn’t get back to sleep (after about 8.5 hrs sleep). So I got up, and pottered about. I knew from Saturday that it’d be icy again, so there was no point in going out for an early run.  So I wrapped Christmas presents instead. 

Lunch out at The Hill on Byres Road, and some final bits and bobs to get from the shops. I opted for an all day breakfast… which ended up being very tasty and reasonable too. I was still planning on running maybe 10, or 8 or 6 miles later on. But as the day went on I was feeling less and less inclined to run. 

You know I think I’m finished my Christmas shopping – with a month to spare! (Better stop buying stuff now). There are more than in the pictures below and quite a few still need wrapped. But I think I’ve bought everything.  Yahooo. 

Anyway, I said I’d run at 3pm to avoid the dark, then I got side tracked wrapping more Christmas presents… excuse after excuse not to run. 

Then at about 4pm I got into my running gear, all wrapped up warm as I was fiert if the cold. Pink running trousers that I hadn’t even worn before, shorts on top, a compression top and tshirt and a warm inov8 top I don’t think I’ve worn before either. My aftershokz headphones and cap, and my iPod. 

Then I realised I didn’t have any pockets. 4 outer garments and no pockets! So I swapped my shorts for ones with a pocket. I put some reflective bands on and got a light to carry and I was ready to go. I looked a right treat (here’s me at the end). Pink trousers maybe aren’t the best. 😜

I hate to see Runners out in the dark wearing black, but hopefully drivers could see my light and the reflective bands. I saw one guy in full black, no light or reflective whatsoever. Lucky the roads were pretty quiet too. It was getting dark as I left, and it got dark very quickly. 

As soon as I got out the door, I felt good. Like as soon as I ran my first steps it made me feel better. I decided I’d run in the southside and thought I’d make a change from just the usual Nithsdale Road. I ran up the hill to Seaward Street, then up St Andrews Drive and Maxwell Road. Then something seemed to take over – some sort of alien. 

Remember this was maybe going to be 6 or 8 miles easy running. I decided I’d take a left up towards Sherbrooke Avenue, and thought I’d try some hill reps. I didn’t realise that area was so hilly… anyway, up Sherbrooke Avenue, last the castle and up again. Up, up, up …. until I got to Sutherland Avenue (my Granny’s maiden name). I didn’t know it was called that but I felt relieved when I got to it / the top. 

I was 20 minutes in and started going down the hill… and I felt an odd sensation of water rush… as if I was going to be sick. I looked at my heart rate and it wasn’t too high – just 160… but I decided to stop, kneel down and recover. The water continued and I hoped my all day breakfast wouldn’t follow. Luckily it didn’t. 

I’d thought about giving up and going home (that’d be about 3-4 miles, and maybe sensible). Then after a few minutes I felt better, and decided I was ok to keep going. 

Down to the bottom of Sherbrooke Avenue, and the whole Road was 0.75 miles. I ran the road / hills twice, then decided I’d do it again, up and back, twice to make 6 road / hill reps. That took me to just over 6 miles.


So I decided I’d run all the way along and back along the rather undulating Nithsdale Road. Turns out Nithsdale Road is 1.5M long. Up and down each side once = lots of hills. I was starting to get tired and thirsty. 

Back along Maxwell Drive and it was about 1.5 or so miles home.  I got back home just as the rain started – 11.3 miles a long hill run. Average pace was 9:09 min miles and avg HR was 151, max HR 166. I didn’t push it too hard on the hills, but it was still a challenging session. 

This morning my monthly mileage was at 70.4 miles, so I had 29.6 miles to do in 5 days. A tall order if I didn’t run today. But I did, and did more than my revised plan of 10 miles. 11.3 miles makes 81.7 miles for November, so 18.3 miles to do in 3-4 miles. 

I was running home thinking Lindsay Pell has a lot to answer for (she was kind of the instigator for my monthly 100 mile challenge). But truth be told, it’s a good motivator and I know I wouldn’t have run today if I didn’t have the challenge to complete. 

All in all a good weekend and a good run. Hopefully I feel good and bright and breezy at 7am Monday morning for my second PT session with Ross!

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