Wk47 into Wk48

At the end of last week I was kind of thinking I hadn’t done much running, but looking back, I managed to squeeze in quite a lot of training, with no rest days, and a full week of work too.

– 3 runs – 16 miles through the week.
– 1 long run – 11.5 miles to make 26.5 miles
– 3 strength sessions

Mon: Deadlift Strength (2.1)
Tue: 3.2M coaching session
Wed: 8.7M easy run
Thu: 4.1M lunchtime run
Fri: Squat Strength (2.2)
Sat: 25 min HIIT + KB Strength
Sun: 11.5M hills

No wonder I’m a bit tired now. 😜

I’m a bit behind on my 100 mile challenge, so I probably felt a bit pressured to run long on Sunday (when I could have rested), but I’m glad I did it. Although I didn’t sleep well last night (running late + too hot = sleeplessness). I’m tired tonight, so I should get a good sleep, I hope.

Even still, this morning, I managed to do a good PT session with Ross Jackson from Lean Machine PT.

Here’s what I did, this morning – and I’m feeling ok after it (my glutes are a bit sore from the deadlifts):

My goals with my strength work are:
1. To get stronger,
2. For my body fat reduce
3. For it to compliment my running, and
4. For my strength training not to make me too sore to run. So far so good, 3 weeks in. 😀

You can see there’s lots of single leg work, all about building balance between both sides for running. Ross took me through some technique today, including:

– bracing for the Deadlift
– locking the bar in the Deadlift
– pushing up through my feet in the Deadlift
– short sharp dips in the lush press
– low inverted rows
– head back on inverted rows
– down low on split leg squats
– swapping starting legs on split split leg squats
– snatch – pulling weight close to my body
– feet wide and knees twisted out in the squat

Quite a lot of coaching tips for me to remember! I’d highly recommend him.

Now with 3 days to go in November I have 18.1 miles to go to get to 100 miles.

I have a day off work on Friday, and I’ll Rest one if the days at the weekend as I’m visiting family / travelling. 18 miles should be fine in three days. I’m running with Twinnie on Tuesday, so I’m looking forward to that (if my legs still work!)

Here’s this weeks plan … the mileage might change depending on what I manage to do each day:

Mon: Deadlift Strength PT (3.1)
Tue: 7M
Wed: 5.1M
Thu: 6M
Fri: Squat Strength (3.2)
Sat: 6M
Sun: Rest

Hopefully it isn’t too icy through this week…

Last thing is, I have an update for my Garagym – Foxy’s Garagym… I’m putting a few new things in it…I’ll let you know once it’s all in and ready for use. 🙂

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