2 x 10k runs in one day

The plan today was 3 runs a day… but right away (again) I decided the morning run was aff. But the lunchtime run was on, and the evening one (with Fit Girl) was on too.

Before you ask – why 3 runs a day? The Thunder Run 24 is why. In 3 weeks time, I’ll be part of a team of 7 (or 8) of us (called the Reluctant Runners again) , running a 6 mile loop as many times as we can in 24 hours. It’s very challenging, sort of nasty, but sort of fun too.

I did it last year (with the same team, me only knowing my Twinnie from work) and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. This time hopefully it’ll be a big easier?! I’m building my endurance with long runs, and the repetitive nature of it, with 2-3 runs a day, 1 day a week.

So today, I went out at lunchtime, and felt good. Running on my own, listening to the Foo Fighters, the first mile maybe ticked off a bit too fast, but I felt good, a bit like I was floating. Then I kept it nice and steady / easy for the first 5 miles or so. Keeping my Avg HR around 150 ish.

My avg HR ended up being 154, with a fast finish on the last mile, pushing it up to 178. (Ouch). Garmin Training Effect 4.0, and my Garmin told me to take 36 hours rest after it. :-/

Here are my splits for a pretty average HR (154) (apart from at the end). Pretty steady. A few spits and spots of rain, but the weather was ok. And what I was wearing (shorts t shirt gillet) was maybe a bit too much, but ok.

I went back to work and showered, and got back to work, got a few things done. And before I knew it I was leaving at 6pm. A 9-6 day instead of a 930-530 day.

I was walking home, feeling a little bit down in the dumps (ie tired probably!), but if arranged to run my second run with Fit Girl, and run it I did. Just after 6pm.

It was really hot: hotter than at lunchtime. I had a feeling this would be a harder run. We did a similar route to the one I did at lunchtime, only there was more traffic, and we were chatting away.

Before I knew it we were 5 miles in, and instead of the strong fast last mile finish at lunchtime, I was feeling a little drained instead. So I (felt like I) slowed down. Fit girl went ahead, happy as Larry, running along. More and more space opened up between us, but I didn’t mind.

I added on a little loop to make it up to 10k, and finished with my HR on average, 151. Max 161. So my avg HR was just 3 beats lower, but the run earlier in the day (and the heat), had maybe taken it out of me.

Garmin training effect 3.6 and rest time 36 hours.

I still find it funny how two runs that could be so similar (ie route), can seem so different:

Time of day
Heart rate
Who you’re running with
How much you’ve trained / rest recently

I came home to this rainbow, which made it all nice and shiny and worthwhile. 🙂

Now my next run is tomorrow (Thursday) at 7am with my Twinnie.

I’m not sure how far it’ll be tomorrow, but the runs will have been: 1pm, 6pm, 7am, so not too unlike how they’ll be on the day.

Eeeeek! I wonder if I’ll manage 3 runs a day – NEXT week?!

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