Wk27 into Wk28

In a week where I was almost stunned to meet someone (a colleague) at Waverley train station in Edinburgh, who had travelled from Glasgow, and was getting a taxi along the half mile from the station to our work… every day she gets a taxi to and from work … half a mile, or a 10 minute walk.

And on another day when I was lunching with a few colleagues, one of whom asked me how many steps I do on average a day. It just so happened I had my Garmin app open… and I showed her my avg for the week, 18,000 steps a day roughly.

She actually nearly fell off her seat when she saw my avg was around 18k a day for that week. Which was quite funny. I explained it was because I’ve done s lot of running, but usually my steps avg is about 14k a day anyway.

I’d rather be the one who is able to / who has clocked up 18k steps, than be the person above who gets a taxi everywhere. Each to their own. :-/ it did make me appreciate what I do and that I CAN do it.

It’s been a week of lots of running, over 50 miles, 50.5 to be precise, across 6 runs. 4 x 10ks, a 6.66M run and a 19 miler today. 2 rest days, Tuesday (walk day: 4 miles) and Saturday. My highest mileage week this year so far I think, and I’m feeling good on it.

At the start of the week, I felt a bit tired after my long on Sunday (18M). A feeling I’ve not felt in a long time. Just fatigue after running for a long time. Plain and simple. An easy run on Monday (coaching), then the rest day on Tuesday was welcome.

The 3 x 10k mid week was good to build me up to doing 3 runs in 24 hours. And an early morning 10k with fit girl on Friday was good too.

I loved the feeling after my long run last Sunday, and today after running for nearly 3 hours, nice and steady. I can feel the great level of accomplishment that comes with it, but know I’m sore and that I’ll be tired tomorrow.

I’ve had plenty water today, and started my recovery with a pint of mars bar chocolate milk and water, some stretching, and a long shower.

No strength work this last week, but there’s only so much you can do, and I’m prioritising running (and rest) just now.

Sleep was ok last week too, and I even managed to slip a nap and a pizza in on Saturday too. 😉 maybe all the running helped my sleep.

A good feed today, at the Grumpy goat, a roast chicken dinner, followed by an irn bru float. 😉 healthy home cooked food followed by SUGAR rush. I run so I can do this.

Two weeks to go until my main event of Summer, the Thunder Run 24 at the end of July. I’m really looking forward to doing it again. I might even end up doing 4 laps this time if I’m (un?)lucky. 😉

This next week, I’m going to rest Monday, maybe Tuesday, then pick up running again on Wednesday (or Tuesday, depending on how I’m feeling).

Here’s the plan for next week, a bit less running, and a bit more rest (and sleep) hopefully:

Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest or 4-5M easy
Wed: 5M wi Fit Girl
Thu: 3x5M, am, lunchtime, pm
Fri: Rest
Sat: 12 miles long (8 wi Fit Girl)
Sun: Rest / gym

Here’s to being able to run 19 miles / 3 hours with a friend, and then having an irn bru float for fun. 😉

Oh and last thing before I go, my weight and body fat stats since I came back from holiday:

I stepped in the scales this morning and saw the highest weight I’ve been in a king while: 136lbs. Around 6lbs more than when I came back from my holidays (31st May).

But my body fat is down a bit, down 1% or down 0.5lbs to 18.1lbs of fat. And my lean body mass is up around 6lbs.

After building up my running mileage to peak this last week, I’m not sure if it’s water, or muscle, or what, but whatever it is, I’m feeling good, and running strong, so it’s all good.

I’m in a good place. Looking forward to seeing what results come from what I do (run and train and rest and eat). I’ll be picking up my mileage again into marathon training for September, so it’ll be good to see what happens.

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