May & June Totals

I was a bit lax in May and didn’t do my totals for the month. The main reason was because I was on holiday for most of May.

I ran only 47 miles for the month, and I didn’t run for the 14 days I was out of the country.

I ran the 47 miles I did, in 8 runs, and I didn’t do any strength training. I did however, walk a lot. Just under 100 miles, and cycled once in Vancouver, for around 5 hours. 🙂

My new Garmin Vivoactive measured all of my activities (including driving and a helicopter trip) and seemed to over egg the distance travelled (ie I didn’t walk 500 miles). But I did do around 14,000 steps a day. So even though I was on holiday, and not running much, I was still active.

Now here’s my June totals:

Nearly twice as many miles running, 93 miles a few strength training sessions (about 1 a week), a spin session and some walking.

I got back into my running and managed to finish with the month being my third highest mileage month since the start of the year.

Now that I’m marathon training (and training for the Thunder Run), I’ll no doubt gave a lot higher mileage months and weeks to come.

So far this year, I’ve run on average 21 miles a week. This last week, was a 43 mile week, and I’m looking forward to doing more running, still keeping strength training as part of my routine hopefully once a week.

Here’s my steps for June, 11,000 a day on average, which I’m happy with:

Now for my weight totals, despite a different month in may, where I trained and are very differently to normal, my weight and body fat didn’t change all that much.

1/5/15 – 131.9 x 13.2%
= 17.4lbs BF / 114.5lbs LBM

31/5/15 – 130.7 x 14.2%
= 18.6lbs BF / 112.1lbs LBM

So in May, Less training, more walking, different eating
= Body fat up by 1.4lbs, lean body mass down by about 2.5lbs.

30/6/15 – 133.8 x 14.2%
= 19.0lbs BF / 114.8lbs LBM

Then in June, more running and a few strength training sessions (and lots of ice cream!)… I mean, not much focus on nutrition… 😉
= a slight increase in body fat lbs, and lean body mass back up by around 2.5lbs.

Now look at this (my weight over the last year):

30/6/14 – 123.9 x 14.4%
= 17.8lbs BF / 106.1lbs LBM

In a year, my weight has increased by +10lbs. :-O

30/6/15 – 133.8 x 14.2%
= 19.0lbs BF / 114.8lbs LBM

Not much of a change in body fat lbs (+1.2lbs), but +8.7lbs lean body mass.

In fact my body fat % is more or less the same. (Up and down a bit over the course of the year).

I still find the +10lbs hard to believe, as as much as I know my clothes are a little tighter, I don’t feel 10lbs heavier. I guess it’s just the way my body wants to be, and that’s fine by me.

We’ll see what more running and a bit of focus on nutrition to fuel my marathon training does in the summer into autumn.

Roll on July. I’m looking forward to more running, and the Thunder Run 24 at the end of the month.

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