Wk29 into Wk30

What a strange week this has been. Freakishly hot weather, plus so much excitement and buzz all over Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. I feel very lucky to be where I am both in terms of living where I do in Glasgow and working at the BBC. 🙂

On Monday I was in the big tent watching Ken Bruce on Radio 2 – I may have made my step mum jealous 😉 – Simple Minds, Paloma Faith and Rebecca Adlington.

I started that day off with and early morning 5 mile run. Two days after I have blood but I was feeling ok. A nice easy run.

Then on Tuesday we had a team lunch outside in the sun. Nice and relaxing, then up on the Ferris wheel for some fun.

On Tuesday I did my own strength session in the morning, then at night I ran 2 miles to the gym, did our first ‘Lift It’ session and ran 2 miles home.

Wednesday, the BBC breakfast team starting going out live from this recently built temporary building / studio. I walk past it every day and every day the path is getting busier and busier.

I had a bit of a sore throat when i woke up on Wednesday. It sometimes happens after I give blood. But it seems to have not got any worse. I was a little sore from strength too but ok.

Rest day for me and the amazing and funny opening ceremony that night. Great fun (and a bit of a late night for me! -11:30ish – not enough sleep!)

Thursday was a good day in work, I got plenty done. I passed Ken Bruce, but didn’t have the courage to stop him for a pic and an autograph for my step mum. I will though – maybe Monday when he’s in the tent again (I know some of the production team).

I met one of my coaching clients on Thursday morning. She’s had a refocus on what she’s eating, and lost 5lbs last week, it’s all queuing well. We did a nasty hill session before breakfast. Then I went out at lunchtime and ran to George square to go to the official merchandise shop. Another rather hot 2 miles there and even hotter (it seemed) 2 miles back. Glasgow was buzzing and I counted 67 volunteers!

I got a few goodies and presents from the shop and had another lateish night watching the swimming.

Now it’s the day we travel down to Birmingham for the Thunder Run 24. We’re leaving early to mid afternoon and hopefully I’ll get an early night tonight. I still have some packing to do, but today will be another rest day ahead of tomorrow. 🙂

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