The day we get the Keys!

I had a great 10 hours sleep last night after packing lots and lots of boxes yesterday. Now the sun is streaming through the curtains and it’s the day we get the keys!

I was pooped yesterday, but now I’m refreshed and raring to go. 🙂

We’re off to get the keys around lunchtime and after that we’ll be in our new home! I’m a excited and a little sad to be moving out but at least we’re moving onto a lovely house, and I still have my flat to rent out:

We still don’t have a tenant yet (although we have 3 or 4 who are interested).

So if you know anyone looking to rent a nice 1 bedroom flat in Glasgow, can you share the link above please. 🙂

Have a good Friday everyone and I hope you all have a great weekend.

Ps: I got a haircut!! :-O (I was fed up of looking like I had little pigtail after I ran and fancied a less time consuming and perhaps more messy style!)

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