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Packing for the WHW walk

It’s a late one tonight! After paying our deposit for our new house tonight over telephone banking… We’re packing for the WHW walk we’re starting on Saturday! 3 days walking, 4 days away. I’m trying to take as little as … Continue reading

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Dust if you must

I came across this on Facebook and thought it was nice: by Rose Milligan.  

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Snow on top… snow gone!

I was taking a look through my photos from the Cobbler on Friday and noticed this… Snow covered at around 10am before we went up it… Then a few hours later… snow gone! 🙂

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5 ways to burn fat

Reposted from Realbuzz… some good tips here… 🙂 Fat helps our bodies to function and it can keep us healthy, yet too much fat in your body can cause serious health problems. To make sure your body doesn’t store too … Continue reading

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