Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon 2013

mokSunday 26th May and I ran the Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon.  It was a great weekend full of sun, camping, relaxation, running, chatting, dogs and fun!  🙂

Due to other commitments (Swimming Teaching) I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do the half.  I’d put leave in to get off of Swimming Teaching but only found out 10 days before that I had the day off.

So although I’m fit enough to run 13+ miles… I didn’t spend time training specifically for the half…so I decided instead, that I would run with friends and have a good time on a new course – as opposed to doing any PB searching. 🙂  I’d kept up my running with around 3-4 runs a week in the weeks leading up to it and did a comfortable 10 miles a week before, so I knew I’d be good for the big day.

P1030002 P1030006

I got to the campsite my friends were staying at, for around midday on Saturday. After a pleasant drive in the sun I spent the afternoon relaxing and chatting and even managed to fit in a two hour nap in a roasting hot tent before dinner time.

P1030010 P1030017

After dinner I took Hazel’s dog Pepper for a walk along the beach, watched the world go by and was joined by Hazel for the rest of our walk. Nice and pleasant, sitting watching the world go by in such a beautiful spot overlooking Jura.

P1030018 P1030019

Saturday was an early-ish night in the tent with Jackie, Fiona and Jodie. I was sharing a sleeping bag with Jackie and thankfully she didn’t try it on or fart too much. ;-P the stunning views continued and I was glad I managed to get the time off work to come down for the weekend.


P1030026 I woke at my usual time on Sunday morning: 5:45am, and drifted back off to sleep. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be and by 7am we were up and getting ready. We left for the hours drive to Cambeltown.  The weather was ok when we left, but there was a huge cloud or inversion over cambeltown… Which led to a bit of sun and a bit of rain on the run.

424996_586666118030780_1770007949_nHere’s us before the start – warming up in the tent (whilst everyone else was warming up in the rain outside!)

Fiona, Georgia and Louise did the 10k, whilst Cat, Hazel, Jackie, Tina, Mark and I did the half marathon.

Cat stormed home in around 1:51 (PB), I did it in around 2:03, Hazel in around 2:04 (PB) and Tina and Jackie in about 2:13.  🙂

Garmin Link: Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon 2013


For the run, I went with my plan of running with my friends, and started off at the back of the pack with Jackie, Tina, Hazel and Mark. A great wee group, Tuna is known for talking the WHOLE time, so I knew it’d be great fun.

I had planned to run all the way with Jackie, about a mile or so in, Hazel and I seemed to naturally drift further ahead of Jackie, Tina and Mark. We were chatting and looking after her dog Pepper (who was doing her first half marathon event – it was Hazel’s third) as we ran.

P1030032The rain was on and off and the course was eventful. Through pretty country lanes, near cows, and down a golf course onto a beach and back. It was good running for us both, and we kept over taking people.  It was nice easy running for me and it was nice to be taking everything in, and to be there with Hazel and Pepper as they ran. Pee stops and water stops and stops to check Peoper was ok. Hazel is a mean runner who really cares for her dog! 🙂 Her splits were very even – around 9:25 most of the way (except for on the beach.)

At about 11.5 miles in we passed a car with the timer on it showing 1:45. My PB for a half is 1:38, and I run one comfortably in 1:45 usually. And 2 hours was looking like an achievable goal for me. I thought if I left Hazel then and beasted it all the way home I could get sub 2 hours. But then I looked at Hazel and Pepper and decided I’d stay with them. 🙂

Hazel pushed it a little over the last mile, and then with what I thought was just under a quarter of a mile to go, I pushed it and finished in 2:03. Hazel and Pepper were right behind me finishing in a time of 2:04. A great PB for Hazel and a good first event for Pepper.


It was a well organised event, with nice scenery, good company and a great goodie bag at the end.  🙂  And the beach was pretty cool too.


Here’s Jackie (number 1!) and Tina running in at the end (with Jodie).P1030037

Here’s us all at the end all runners in red… in our nice new MOK 2013 long sleeved tops (and medals!)


I drank a lot of water and some milk, and had a nice mars bar milkshake…as well as a one of the hundreds of sandwiches which were laid on. It didn’t stop a dehydration headache coming on for me afterwards… but poor Fiona was feeling worse than me I think at the end… here she is a few hours after doing her 10k.  By her own admission, she never trains enough… so gets gubbed after any 10k or event she does!  It did make me laugh though (even with a sore head!)  ;-P


I felt a bit better after a nice hot shower at the campsite, and sat for a bit before heading back to Glasgow at about 5pm to avoid the heavy rain that was due the next day (and to get back in my own bed again!)P1030043

Here’s me and my great bud Jackie…who I’m sorry I left behind, but it all worked out in the end.  🙂  Hazel had me for company and Jackie had chatterbox Tina for company. 🙂


What a great weekend and a brilliant event with lots of nice people I’m happy to have as my friends (not to mention, Pepper, Copper and Angus the dogs).  😀


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