Super Lean Regime Wk1

I published most of my Super Lean Regime on here today, you can read more about it here: Super Lean Regime and About Super Lean.  If you want to start the Super Lean Regime – it’s 12 weeks to Christmas as of tomorrow the 24th September – so, are you up for the challenge? 🙂

I’ll be starting it tomorrow on Monday 24th September and here’s what you’ll need to start it if you are going to do it too.

My Excel Super Lean Training Plan contains all of the print outs you’ll need so that you can follow the 12 week Super Lean Regime.  Open the file up and print out all of the pages… in it you’ll have:

  1. Weekly plans – print out Wk1 plan and take to do your cardio workouts.
  2. Cardio Workouts
  3. Body Shock Power Workouts – print out and take to the gym.


Read and aim to implement the information on the following pages:

1. Super Lean Nutrition
2. Phase Zero: Get Ready and Learn to Eat Smart
Phase One: 10 Food Substitutions

Here’s the Super Lean Regime exercise plan for week 1:

If you want to do a strength and cardio workout on one day so that you get an extra day of rest, do the strength workout first and then the cardio workout.

Be aware that if it’s your first time doing this workout or if you are going back to exercising after some time off you may be sore.  Make sure you take plenty of recovery and eat high protein food and drink to help aid recovery.

More info on Cardio here: Super Lean 2: Cardio
Cardio Intervals this week are 6 intervals with 5 periods of recovery (Speed, 1 min intervals and Power – with 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down.

More info on Strength Work here: Super Lean: 3: Strength
Strength Work for the Body Shock Power Workouts are 2 circuits of each of the sets of 4 exercises, all out, intense, hard work, sweaty, bust a gut type work outs. 🙂

And here are the workouts in detail (print them out from the Excel Super Lean Training Plan :

(Here’s more info on my Body Shock Power Workouts: But remember if you want to do your own Strength Workouts instead of my Body Shock Power Workouts you can – think about doing Instructor Lead Circuits, Body Pump, Metafit, Personal Training with weights etc – for more info see here: Super Strength Circuits).

MONDAY – Body Shock Power Workout 1 (or alternative Strength workout)

TUESDAY  – Cardio Intervals Speed

5 min warm up
6 x 30 secs hard: 30 secs recovery
5 min cool down
15:30 minutes

WEDNESDAY – Body Shock Power Workout 2 (or alternative Strength workout)

THURSDAY  – Cardio 1 min Intervals

5 min warm up
6 x 1 min hard: 1 min recovery
5 min cool down
21 minutes

FRIDAY  – Body Shock Power Workout 3 (or alternative Strength workout)

SATURDAY – Cardio Power Intervals

5 min warm up
6 x 30 secs hard: 2 min recovery
5 min cool down
23 minutes


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