Amazing Margaret Maguire (aged 65)

I’d just like to say how impressed I was with this lady – Margaret Maguire 21115.

I met her at the end of the Great Scottish Run half marathon and she told me she used to run half marathons when she was younger.

And now at the age of 65 she decided (on Friday 31st!) that she would do the GSR half marathon!

With no training, she came in around 2:25.

Amazing and true inspiration to us all. 🙂

I hope she isn’t too sore today!
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9 Responses to Amazing Margaret Maguire (aged 65)

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  2. Paul Maguire says:

    Go mum!

    • lornpearson says:

      Hi Paul, I hope your Mum doesn’t mind me putting her photo up here… she looked a little shell shocked at the end and was looking for her husband when I met her. She really did impress me and I hope she didn’t feel too sore after it. 🙂 Lorn x

      • Paul Maguire says:

        Not at all! It’s great. Thanks. I’m glad you met her – she seems to impress everyone she meets! And was she sore next day? Who knows – she would never say. My mum and dad are superhuman and don’t get ‘sore’ after going long runs 🙂

      • lornpearson says:

        Super Human?… I like Super Humans… I think we’re the best kind of humans 😉

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  5. Paul Maguire says:

    That’s my mum! Lovely comments and all true! Thanks.

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