Today was a good day

Today was a good day… it started off early with a long awaited visit to one out mmmmmm our favourite places to eat breakfast… Little Italy on Byres Road. I had poached eggs on spinach on toast, and a flat white, or two.

Then we did some life admin… we went to the post office and I returned a few things I’d bought online which weren’t quite right… and then we went to work to pick up my box of my last 13 years there.

The place was pretty much in darkness… with the roof all blacked out – i could say it was in anticipation of me leaving soon… ha… but no, the building is getting ready for the news coverage of the Election next Thursday. Exciting!

I won’t be in though… I’m off most of next week with leave, but here’s me in reception with my box of my belongings.

After that we went a good long walk in Pollok Park before lunch at home.

We ended up walking about 5 miles… and it was nice. And for some reason the park was deserted – probably because people were in the shops or the pubs they’re allowed to be in!

The clouds were strange and threatening rain most of the day… but the forecast rain between 3-5pm didn’t materialise.

So after the walk, with the weather still ok I decided to get out on my bike and try out some new gear I bought.

Here’s me after a 45 minute cycle… new shorts and three very comfy layers on top… a purple cycling jersey, then a red long sleeve and a wind proof shell jacket.

It made all made a good difference when cycling. Although I probably could have worn longer socks.

I’m really getting to grips with the magnetic pedals now. It’s easy to peel tour foot off them, it mostly needs to be your left foot when you stop, but it’s easy to get used to.

I cycled on paths snd back roads again, to Bellahouston for a few loops then a few loops of the track and back past Asda and through Govan.

Here’s a pic I got in Bellahouston park. Spot the smiley cyclist. 🚴🏻‍♀️😂

We had a good dinner, then Line of Duty (from last week) and Chicago Fire on the TV…. and when we were watching LoD I spied the sky looked like it could be rainbow weather…. and I was right.

Low sun in the west, rain in the east… and there was a big double rainbow for over 10 minutes. This is a picture of my flat with the gold at the end of the rainbow perhaps.

So 5 miles walking and 8.5 miles cycling … that makes about 50 miles cycled this week.

My leg is still a bit sore after a long walk, and running is out of the question, but I’m finding cycling is good. 🚴🏻‍♀️

And last month I cycled my most miles ever 143 miles for the month. I’ll share my gear I bought soon, but layers work well, as do my shoes and pedals. I seem to have transitioned…. into being a cyclist.

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