Weekend walk, April totals and plans

In the last wee while; with the nicer weather coming in (and my leg not letting me run)… weekends have become about walks. Yesterday it was a good hour and a half walk around the lovely and local Pollok Park. Today we went to the stunning Chatelherault near Hamilton.

The weather was nice at points and cloudy at others. We went a different route than we have done before. Near the river, and we had a good chat and look around along the way.

We probably need to venture there more often to get to know it properly… it said there was a closed path, but I have a feeling it’s open. We’ll see another time.

As for my exercise this last week, I’ve done 5 cycles – 41.5 miles… mostly outside, particularly the ones towards the end of the week and the walls were a similar amount, 6 walks, 16 miles. 3 good strength sessions and I could have and probably should have done one today, but I’ll remember that’s next weekend.

The only two differences about next weekend is that a – I’ll be getting my vaccine on Saturday night, at 1830, and b. we’re meant to be out for a steak dinner on Sunday night next week – hopefully I don’t have a strong reaction to the vaccine.

I did a good walk with someone from work on Friday too… the weather was ok and we got a good amount of steps to break up our world day.

I am missing running, but I’m enjoying the misfire of spin and strength in the gym, and cycling and walking outdoors.

I looked at April totals and I cycled the most amount of miles yet in April … 143 miles. Bringing my annual total up to about 890. I did less walks and less miles walking compared to March – 66 miles in April, 76 miles in March.

And a piddly 2 miles running trying out my hamstring. On the flip side of that I did 12 hours cycling and nearly 10 hours in the gym.

Sleep was good with an average of 9 hours a night! See what happens when things settle down in work? (Although theres not much change there since last month so it’s been consistently good).

In May I know have most of the month off as leave – yahoo! So I’m planning some visits and meets with people on the days I’m not working.

Here’s my plan for next week…

A road trip on Tuesday…but I’ll be up early to train. The rest is a mix of strength and cycling, with some walks… and a restful weekend in case I’m not well.

I leave you with this nice relaxing picture of the river in Chatelherault…. I have this odd pull to want to, for some reason go in the cold water somewhere. Loch Ness? A loch or reservoir near me? But I don’t have a wetsuit, so we will see. I’m probably brave enough to go in with just a tri suit on… but we’ll see. I’ll let you know if I do!

It’s probably a weekend thing, and I think I’ll also aim to get a big cycle in at the weekends, maybe ok a Sunday, too. It’s a bank holiday tomorrow, but the weathers meant to be a wash out so we’ll probably not do too much that’s adventurous.

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