Cycle along the N75 and around

Today I went out for a cycle first thing… and tried to, where possible, stick to cycle paths… it’s just easier, to avoid roads or traffic…

… not that there is much at 7am on a Thursday, but nevertheless I tried and it worked out well, and I must seek out the cycle paths more often.

I first cycled over to Lorne Street and down along Brand Street to get onto the N75 cycle path, then past Cessnock underground and onto Clifford Street…

from there it’s easy to get onto Nithsdale Road, and alongside the motorway before coming down with a nice view over Bellahouston Park. It was a nice sunny day for it, but there was a chill in the air.

Over and into Pollok Park, then I did a loop around Pollok Park… heard the police dogs barking and went past the highland cows.

I stopped with the bull staring at me and a couple of female cows wandered past me.

Onwards and I ended up going out the corkerhill exit of the park… to find a good segregated cycle lane up along Corkerhill road.

Here’s me being multi talented cycling and taking a photo at the same time. 😂 I’ll not admit that I could have easily have dropped my phone here!

I’ll let you into a secret… I’ve ordered some new cycling clothes… still Tbc what I’ll keep, but it’ll likely be Lycra and skin tight… a too or two and maybe a pair of shorts. If I’m cycling more, I might as well. I’ll share what I’m keeping, soon.

In the meantime, my right leg isn’t playing at running, so I’ll focus on cycling and strength for the moment. I’ll likely get physio to hopefully get back running some time, but in the meantime cycling, walking and gym work is good.

Ps: I might have also bought myself a new pair of shades too… I’ll share them soon too. (Pink and blue they are!).

I came back home along Nithsdale Road, then Maxwell Drive and Seaward Street. Again all on paths and mostly deprecate from any traffic.

It was good to get out a nice cycle today. Long may the nice weather / sunny days last!

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