Great alternative to a Peloton

A good friend of mine recently bought a Peloton bike and before she purchased it, she asked for some feedback on Facebook.

Whilst I haven’t tried a Peloton, I first of all imagine it’s an excellent piece of kit, with a good online interface and workouts… but it’s not for me. As you’ll maybe know if I follow my workouts, I’m Apple Fitness all the way.

At about £2,000 – £2,500 for the Peloton bike and about £45 – £59 a month, I think the price is prohibitive, but I say go for it anyone who it’ll work for and can afford it, and will use it. Maybe a good alternative to a gym.

Anyone I know who has a Peloton speaks really highly of it, so that’s good, but I wouldn’t justify the cost of it, when I think I can get the same or similar for a fraction of the price, and here I’ll explain what that looks like.

First of all our spin bike – it’s an equivalent of an Life fitness ICG IC1, which I got as an ex display model from Powerhouse Fitness in Glasgow for a bargain £500. But currently (April 2021) you can get one for £845 … about 1/3 of the cost of a Peleton.

It has an onboard monitor which tracks time and cadence (and heart rate), which is all I need. It has a 18kg fly wheel and is a good solid spin bike. We have it on a couple of mats so it’s easy to move over / into position or to the side of the gym if needed.

Then there’s my shoes (which you can buy as part of the Peleton deal if you wish)…

Northwave Origin 2 cycle shoes, £80 from Chain Reaction Cycles – a solid sole, and great for on the bike (inside or outside)… (I got £10 off my first order bringing them down to £80).

… Vs about £145 for Peleton shoes.

Then there’s the workouts … first of all getting them on screen…

Peloton comes with its own screen and you can probably get them online too I’d expect (on an iPad etc).

But here’s my set up to get Apple Fitness and music playing:

– 32 inch Samsung Tv (second hand) = £50
– 4th gen Apple TV box = £50 (as I used RBS vouchers for the rest of the piece on John Lewis)

And my Apple Watch (which syncs with the more expensive / new Peleton too).

The set up allows me to have the workouts on the TV through Apple TV, but I can also have it on my phone or iPad if I want (if I’m away or whatever).

Then the actual workouts – Apple Fitness costs £80 a year, so about £7 a month. (And I’ve had it for free for 6 months after buying two new Apple watches at Christmas time!)

The Apple Fitness workouts include Cycling, Strength, HIIT, Yoga, Treadmill, Rowing, Dance, Cool downs. So you get similar in Apple fitness in what you do in Peleton, for about a 5th or a 6th of the subscription price.

I already have a subscription to Apple Music, and then that allows me access to all of the playlists for the workouts too. And I can play my tunes to through the Apple TV and Tv too if I’m just doing my own thing.

Up front cost
Bike – £845 vs £2,000 – £2,500
Shoes – £80
Set up – £100
= £1,025 vs £2,000 – £2,500

So my up front cost has been less than half of the Peleton equivalent. (Granted with Peleton you can buy it interest free).

Ongoing cost
£7 vs £59 per month
£80 vs £708 a year (£628 saving!)

I get Apple Fitness for me, but also for Fit Girl and those in my ‘family’ too. So that’s good too. (Think that might be the same for Peloton).

An overall saving of £1,475 on the bike and set up, and £628 a year.

For me the ongoing cost is the deal breaker. What a difference!

I’m sure that any formulated online workout offering will be good – Les Mills, Peleton, Apple Fitness, Joe Wicks etc…. but I know what I like (not that I’ve tried the others). It works well for me.

But if you want to and are able to pay for a Peloton and you know you’ll use it … then why not. It seems cool.

However if you’re unsure about Apple Fitness, here’s a review of Apple Fitness from DC Rainmaker (its American, but a good in depth review) –

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