Wk14 into Wk15

This last week I was less active, with less cardio and strength work, but regular walks, a full rest day on Thursday where I did nothing, and two active recovery days at the weekend (walking).

I walked around 16 miles, mostly this weekend. Did strength on 3 days, and spin / cycling 2 days. I had a bad sleep on Wednesday night, so I had a good lie in and a rest day on Thursday. All good.

The 3 days rest meant my overall active calories were down, but I planned to track my intake calories (not be greedy) and not eat too much. I averaged about 1650 calories intake a day.

I aimed for a protein intake of about 30%, and tried to eat less sugar, and calorie deficit of about 2,500 and was there or there abouts. As a result my weight reduced a bit… so I’ll keep going with it…

Protein with every meal … yoghurt, protein powder, eggs, meat, milk, cheese, protein bars…. that gets me up to 30% and means I’m fuller for longer.

Next week I’m hoping to get better sleeps… and plan the following training (still no running, although I might try a wee one at the end of the week / 1-2 miles or so).

I had a good outdoor cycle the other day… and the weather is looking good / sunny next week, so I’ll maybe do outdoor cycles instead of spin. I’ll see what I fancy on the day.

It’s nice the spring sunshine is here, pity it’s freezing! 😎

Last week I made it public that I’m leaving the BBC… I’ll have some leave in May, I with my last day mid May, and contract end 31 May. Thanks for all the nice comments about it. It’s been building for a while, so I’m ok with it and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

We had some nice walks this weekend… in the west end and southside. Glasgow is ace.

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