Training & nutrition for next two weeks onwards

I’ve been a bit lax with posting what I’ll do training wise… well here’s what I’m planning for the next couple of weeks.
Wk21 – 18 May
Mon: 3M walk or run / Spin & Strength
Tue: Hills
Wed: 3M walk or run / Spin & Strength
Thu: 4M easy
Fri: 3M walk or run / Spin & Strength
Sat: 10M progressive
Sun: Rest

Wk22 – 25 May
Mon: 3M / Spin & Strength
Tue: Intervals (or hills)
Wed: 3M / Spin & Strength
Thu: 5M easy
Fri: 3M / Spin & Strength
Sat: 12M
Sun: Rest

The 3M walks or runs will be either 2 or 3 makes, and if I run them I’ll include some strides, 3-4 x 100m where I pick up the lace and recover in the middle. Probably around the Clyde as the norm right now for me.

For the spin I’ll do either 1 2 or 3 tabatas… 2 mins warm up, then 8 sets of 30 secs at 100rpm, then 10 secs at 80rpm and a 2 min recovery (either once, twice or three times).

Onto strength, and I’ll either do my usual Squat, Deadlift or Clean n Press sessions, kettlebell strength, body weight or runners strength or this one below, which I’ll do with barbells, dumbbells and a kettlebell tomorrow:

1×6 & 1-2xAMRAP
Press up AMRAPs between
A1 Squat 46-69
A2 Sh Press 18-28
B1 Deadlift 52-82
B2 Clean 26-36
C1 Bench 22-29
C2 Rows es 12-20
3 rounds of a finisher, eg:
KB swing 20
/ Single Leg Deadlifts 10
/ Carry 1 min / Pull ups

In terms of food, I’ve been tracking it during most of lock down and for the first 5 weeks I was taking just under 12,000 calories a week, or on average about 1,660 a day. With a weekly deficit of about 2,500. I was doing about 11-12,000 steps a day on average, but my sleep could have been better at times.

That lost me about 5lbs in weight (incl 4lbs fat), and 3cm off my waist, in 5 weeks.

In the last two weeks I’ve eaten more, about 13,000 calories a week, or about 1,860 a day. It was a weekly deficit of just -40 calories last week, and about -1,350 this week. I ate more and did less, but my sleep was really good, and I was still active with walking and had some good rest days.

My steps dropped to on average 9-10,000 per day, but my sleep was much better, with only one night under 8 hours, and the majority 9+ hours sleep. Yas. Lockdown + flexibility = more sleep. This last week has been 9-10 hours each night.

My weight has still gone down in the last fortnight, down another 0.7lbs, but not much movement in body fat. 2cm off my waist and 4cm off my hips.

I’ve been aiming for the following splits in macros –
carbs : protein : fat = 40 : 30 : 30,
and I’ve been getting around 43 : 28 : 29 for the first 4 weeks,
these last two weeks were – 39 : 32 : 29.
Nice and balanced, (and being wary not to eat too much sugar).

After 7 weeks of a bit of focus in lockdown I’m at:

134.1lbs, 15.5% / 20.8lbs body fat
80.9% / 108.5lbs lbm
73cm waist / 97cm / 0.75

(From 140.5lbs / 17.4% 24.4lbs / 79.1% 111.1lbs)

Down 6.6lbs since the start of the year anyway. 👍🏻

I have 2 more weeks of this block, then I say art again with a 4 week block of training.

I’ll aim for my intake to be around 1,600 calories per day, the same macro splits as above… quite high protein of around 130-160g. But I’m aiming for about a gram for every lb if body weight, more if I’ve done a lot of exercise that day.

To get this I eat my usual breakfast with plenty yoghurt, and protein powder. Along with having protein with every meal (ie chicken, fish or meat), and I eat protein bars, along with apples or bananas for snacks.

Eggs are good too – soft boiled, I’m dipping rolled up dairylea light slices or fridge raider chicken into them. 😂

I’m aiming for that amount of protein for four reasons, 1. Fuelling and recovery, 2. To get the satiety from it so that I eat less overall, but I’m still satisfied (and not reaching for snacks / chocolate), 3. To be more balanced with my intake, 4. For the thermic effect.

Hopefully this isn’t too boring for you, but with the time and flexibility at home I have with lock down, I thought I’d take the opportunity to learn what works for me to lose weight, but also train well and be fuelled for my training, and performing at my best.

It seems to be working anyway, and I’ll now see what the next 5 weeks before my birthday will bring.

Sleep is key, as is eating well to fuel my training and trying to stay in a deficit (aka not eating everything 😂). Should be easy enough with the amount of training I have planned (as long as I do it, and if I don’t, I’ll just eat less).

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