Hill Street hill reps

The other week we ventured out on a walk which took us up the back / North of Sauchiehall Street, along a street which was aptly named ‘Hill Street’.

Just off of Charing Cross, some new build flats have been built there and there’s a nice stairway and footpath which leads up to them.

As we were climbing up the stairs that day, I thought to myself, these would be good for hill reps – so that’s what I went and did this morning. Hill reps at Hill Street, Charing Cross.

I had thought about using more of the many hills there, doing maybe three reps of one hill, then running on to the other hills / streets in the area, but I decided to stick to this hill and run up one side of it, recover down, then run down and up the other side of it. And it worked well.

It took about 14 mins or so to run up to the stairs, along past SkyPark, the Clydeside expressway, and up past the M8 through Charing Cross. I was struck by how noisy it was, even with the limited cars on the road just now and at about 7:30am.

As I was running alongside the M8… who builds a motorway through a city?… ha… I should have expected the noise really. And there was a low constant drum of noise when ones doing my hill reps too. Maybe I should have worn my airpods to block out the noise instead of my aftershokz.

Glasgow – up on a wee hill… the M8 right next to you… church like buildings to the West, and green bushy trees mixed with urban streets and roads. Glasgow how I love you.

Anyway… I didn’t know how many hill reps id do… 10 maybe? 5 times up and down 2 hills maybe. I did the first set, and it took about 3 minutes.

It was 30 secs running up 44 stairs and to the top to a wall, then recover down the other side, and about a 40 second sprint back up to the wall, and recover down to the bottom of the stairs again.

My heart rate was pushing up to about 165, then a short walk to recover and I’d jog again once it was at about 150.

After about 15 mins of hills, I got to about 10 reps (5 times up and down x2) and I was feeling strong and figured I might as well go for 16 reps (8 times up and down). It ended up being about 24 mins of hills, and I felt good for having done them.

My HR maxed at 171, average 141, but my heart got a good workout with it going up and down 16 times in 24 minutes. 🤮 Cool elevation and heart rate graph above. 😎

Running back home I realised it was down hill most of the way – yippee… and I chose a slightly different route back, which took about 13 mins.

Less traffic too – although I did meet another male on a bike 🚲 on the pavement, who then made me go into the road down Finnieston. 😡 I still managed to socially distance the whole way, but some of that was covering the same ground at the hills.

The numbers were a little cool – 5.2 miles in 52 mins exactly … 10 min miles. (Or maybe that’s the endorphins talking again 🤪).

At the top of the hill, there was some chalk drawings, thanking the NHS etc and look what I found (not sure why I’m smiling, must be the endorphins at the end).

Hill reps are good, you can push as hard as you want, and it’s a good workout.

If you would like to try them… here’s my tips:….warm up with a 10-15 min run to a hill or two, or some stairs somewhere, then run up and down them a few times… 3, 4, 5 times or sets…

Sprint up them, then walk for a bit down them to recover, and jog to the bottom, then repeat. I mark a split on my watch once I’ve done a set.

Then when you’re still feeling strong, decide how many you’ll do… and try to keep running strong… I went for 8 sets of 2 hills.

Then once you’re done, jog home as a recovery cool down. It could be 10:20:10 or whatever works for you.

Mine today was:
14 min warm up
24 mins / 16 hill reps
13 min cool down
52 mins

The pace and distance doesn’t matter, it’s how hard you make yourself work and how quickly you recover. Enjoy, and let me know if you do do them.

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