Up and up and up, but in a good way

If you know me, you know I like numbers… well below are some numbers that I’m happy with. It seems that my training is working, even with the busy-ness of work on top.

You’ll also know that I know how important it is to see weight as more than just a number on the scale – for some, higher is not necessarily worse.

Muscle takes up less space than fat… as the image below shows (I’m not sure how accurate it is, but i think it’s a good visual, and I’d like to think it’s accurate):

Last week in work, I was quietly smiling when John Beattie said to me he thought I looked like I’d lost weight. And I replied to say I’d actually put on weight and was the heaviest I’ve been for years.

(By the way, I never thought I’d be in a position to have the rather fit and accomplished ex rugby player John Beattie saying he thought I’d lost weight (especially when I’d put it on the right way). Lol. Life can be funny. It’s cool to know him, he’s such a lovely man.)

Anyway… here’s the numbers and graphs… for me in relation to what I’m talking about:

This graph above, from the end of 2012 shows my weight going up and up and up. The lowest it’s been was about 120lbs… and now it’s up about 18-20lbs in 7 years.

But we know that it’s not weight that’s the important thing, it’s body composition… and you can be just as fit and lean at ten stone as you can be at 8 stone.. or even more fit and lean at 10 stone!

I generally want body fat to reduce and lean mass to increase, and I’ve been able to do that over the years with training and eating.

When I was 120lbs / 8.5 stone, I had about 13lbs body fat, or about 11% body fat, and about 104lbs lean body mass.

5 years on and after a busy year at work… in October 2018 my stats were:

18 October: 135.8lbs / 17.1% body fat
23.3lbs body fat / 107.6lbs lbm / 4.9lbs water

Then I started afresh in January 2019 and took these measurements, up a bit in body fat lbs (same %) and up in lean body mass (too many mince pies at Christmas?!):

1 Jan: 139.5lbs / 17.1% body fat
23.9lbs body fat / 110.7lbs lbm / 4.9lbs water
+3.7lbs =
+0.6lbs body fat / +3.1lbs lbm / no change water

Two more months of attempting to fit in training and trying to be a bit more
conscious of what I’m eating (or not eating everything in sight)…

…here’s my results with a bit more of a focus on strength training since January… (lbm is lean body mass, as recorded on my scales):

2 March: 139.1lbs / 15% body fat
20.9lbs body fat / 112.5lbs lbm / 5.7lbs water
+3.3lbs =
-2.4lbs body fat / +4.9lbs lbm / +0.8lbs water

So since October last year I’ve put on 3.3lbs, but that’s +4.9lbs lean body mass, +0.8lbs water and I’ve lost -2.4lbs of body fat.

That’s about +2.2kg of muscle and about -1.1kg of body fat / a reduction in body fat of 2%.

And it’s up nearly 20lbs compared to 2012! 8lbs body fat, 8-9lbs lean body mass and 4-5lbs water. Or maybe my brain has grown as part of all that? 😉 ha, only joking.

So whilst I’ve put on weight since October, I hopefully look leaner / smaller because I have less fat / more muscle (slightly). Or maybe I look the same but I feel stronger.

I’m always going to have big hips (runs in the family) but it’s good to know the numbers are working out and I feel probably better at this weight – a stone and a half heavier than I did at 120lbs / 8.5 stone.

Saying that – imagine how much easier it would be to run carrying 8.5 stone vs 10 stone!! 😉

no wonder I was able to run a 3:28 marathon! (this was me then… see much difference compared to the pic above?)

I definately couldn’t do that now, but that’s ok for me as I have different goals, and I’ll always have that pb. 🙂

I’m also about 5-6 years older, and age catches up with you. I’m happy pushing myself when I want to and getting results like I did on Sunday at the Inverness half (avg HR 166, max 176, time 1:54 – vs a pb of 1:39 a while back).

Who cares about all of these numbers… as long as I’m happy, healthy and fit, right?

Ps: The graphs above are generated by Health Mate by Withings… when I step on my MyWithings WiFi scale it automatically sends my stats to the app. Very clever indeed.

Do you look at your numbers like this? What have your results been? Or is it more about you getting a balance and being happy, healthy and fit?

Now that I think about it, that’s my motivator, and the numbers are a measure for me to see how I’m changing / progressing.

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