It’s never too late…

Today I met a lovely lady called and had an initial coaching session with her. The lady is 70 at the end of June, and ask for some advice to see if I could help. She’s run in the past, up to half marathons and had a running career of about 5 or 6 years.

A while back she started off running with Jog Scotland and got hooked. She ran 10ks and halfs with her daughters and she competed the Glasgow half and the great northern run.

Now she was talking with her daughters before Christmas and it came up that maybe she could complete her medal set and get a medal for a marathon. So encouraged by her daughters and husband, she set herself a challenge of running a marathon this year as a celebration in her 70th year.

She and her daughter got in touch with me to see if I could help her to see if I thought it’d be achievable for her, to give her a plan and some running coaching along the way.

Today I got to know her, and learned that she had a dogged determination and a positive outlook on life. She came in with real doubts that she might be able to train for and run a marathon, and she even came up with a flyer for a marathon walk instead, in case I thought she might not be up to running a marathon.

She thought about her knees and her hips and how running might affect them. She also thought about how she’s need to get used to running outside again. All in all she came across as a very lovely lady who could probably do anything she set her mind to.

She said she’d been looking at possible marathons and she’s set her heart on the Dublin marathon at the end of September. And she was keen to hear if I thought it was possible for her.

I said I’d coached someone else who was in her 60s (the wonderful Janice) and she too maybe thought or doubted that she could do a marathon. But she trained for it, built up her mileage and training and she ran the London marathon.

Don’t get me wrong, it was hard for her at points and I don’t think she’ll even run another one but she too was determined and she trained well and completed it.

I told her a bit about me and my approach to running, coaching and marathons. And I asked her some questions to get an idea of her experience with running and some other bits and pieces like her health, support network and finally.

Ann came across so positively, wise and self aware. And once she got to know me, she placed a trust in me and my experience, and in the end she accepted a present of a (make believe) cape.

She asked if I thought she could do it, and I said I had every faith that she could. I said it might be hard, and it would be a challenge but that there was no reason I thought she couldn’t do it.

So here goes. I’m going to make her a training plan which will involve three runs (or 1-2 spin sessions), with one of the Runs being long. The long runs will progress. Starting from about 5 miles and build up to her doing a few runs of about 18-20 miles.

I will provide regular coaching and support and she will look at seeing if there is a jog Scotland group in her area that she can join again.

We’ll start off with her getting started running again, and in the first 6 weeks of so up to the end of March, her goal will be to get back into running regularly (3x a week) and aim to run at least 10k by the end of March. I’ll have a coaching session with her on the 16th of March. Then we’ll take it from there.
This lady will be my sixth current coaching client… along with … Susan and Tania, both training for the London marathon, amazing Audrey who’s training for the Alloa half and ahh others she wants to do after that, Sharon who’s keen to build her running up to be consistent, and Lisa who is also training for the Dublin Marathon.

And in March I’m hopefully going to meet a couple of friends who are looking for some advice or a training plan / coaching. So I’ll see what happens there.

It’s great to be able to help so many women to set goals, believe in themselves and achieve in running and in life. And I’m so glad that over six years ago I decided to become a running coach with the aim to share my knowledge so that others can enjoy running as much as I do.

It’s never too late to get running and I’m looking forward to seeing how Ann does, as well as seeing what the others can achieve.

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