Dealing with injury in marathon training

One of my coaching clients has a knee injury… about 10 weeks before the London marathon. She’s thinking about it and taking the action that’s best, and tonight she did a good challenging interval session on my spin bike.

She has pain in her knee, which came on last week and she made a good decision to rest from running and see a physio for advice.

He suggested rest from running, ice and massage. With the option to do non weight gearing exercise.

She’s not panicking, she’s being logical, taking advice and focussing on other things whilst she recovers.

Here’s what we did tonight on the bike:

50 mins, including:
5 min warm up then
4 x ( 3 x (30 secs @100+ rpm:
2:30 mins @80 rpm) 1 min recovery)
5 min cool down

And she’ll take rest from running, focus on other things for a bit, and get advice from her physio (and running coach – me).

I was saying to her that when trained for the belfast marathon a few years ago I was struck by a hip flexor injury and forced myself to take 2 weeks off running. I still managed to complete the marathon (in my second fastest time ever)… and the rest probably did me good.

Here’s a post I wrote about it at the time:

(Which includes the first link in the post to see another blog about how to deal with injury constructively.)

Injury happens and sometimes it can be our bodys way of saying slow down or stop. It’s important to listen, reassess and do what you can to recover.

Marathons are hard. And sometimes injuries pop up to remind us of that.

I’m pretty sure she’ll be just fine (and I think she knows that too).

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