Fortunate at the BBC

This week I feel very fortunate to work at such a great organisation – the BBC. I know some people have their own strong views about the BBC, but I’m happy and proud to say that I f*%&ing love the place.

In February 2017, the Director of BBC Scotland and the Director of the BBC stood on ‘the Street’ of our building and announced a massive and historic investment in our services, to deliver a new channel and news service.

The new channel ‘BBC Scotland’ launches on the 24th February, and a big part of the output with be our new Nine news programme.

Now, where the DG and Director stood to make the announcement, a new state of the art and impressive set is in, everyone is hired, and gearing up for the channel and programme launch. It’s very exciting.

In addition to our current output, the Nine will have weekday hour long news at nine, then coverage of Saturday and Sundays at 7, and an entertainment programme. And the channel will deliver new, existing and repeated content aimed at Scottish audiences.

Going back to when the DG and Director were telling us about the investment. It was a staff gathering and I was sitting with my colleagues… and I was honestly thinking to myself – I really want to get involved with this. ‘How can I get myself involved and help to deliver this?’

I had no idea how I could do it. Then it so happened that a great job in News came up – supporting the news management team to deliver and co-ordinate staffing and recruitment at the biggest time of recruitment in BBC Scotland’s history.

The job involved a lot more than that, but basically I’d be there to help News with their people. Ideal. In December 2017 I found out I got the job, and in January 2018 I started in my new role which would last for 15 months.

It was my role to welcome candidates in, and hopefully help to make their experience of the interview process a little less scary. Then if they got the job, it was my job to meet them in their first day and help get them settled in. And it was also my role to support existing staff and management and help them with everyday things too.

I had the opportunity not only to welcome in about 70 new people, but overall we hired people into 120 roles in a year (including business as usual recruitment). Helping to give so many people, from different backgrounds into what could be life changing career moves. Looking back it was a massive undertaking and it’s been magic to be involved in.

Here’s just some of the people we hired and some more detail about the programme and channel: (not to mention the every day business as usual bits and pieces we’ve been delivering too.)

Not only that, in the last year I’ve also been selected to:

– be on an ‘Interviewer Squad’ so I can be on panels for job interviews.

– go on a 6 month leadership programme for women (next session on Monday).

– have a mentor, and been provided with 6 sessions of career coaching (my first was yesterday).

Now I’m sad that my time in this role is due to come to an end. I was covering someone else on attachment who is due to come back at the end of March.

But even then, I’m so proud of what I’ve helped to deliver, and I’m very positive and confident about my future. I’ve been able to help and touch the lives of so many people. And it’s been a great experience for me, through and through.

Now, moving on a bit, my first coaching session at work yesterday, my coach helped me to come up with a plan to hopefully help me get to where I want to be. And it was nice to hear her reflections at the end saying that she thought I showed ‘great resilience and self awareness.’ Yahoo.

Anyway, whatever you think of the BBC, it has given me so much in the last 11 years working for it and for our audiences. It has given me so many opportunities to meet and work with so many great people, and to travel all over. It’s given me so much more than just a job.

You can judge the BBC as you will, but I love the place, what it stands for and what it has given me.

My Dad always held it in high esteem, and I’m so very proud to work there (I bet he’s proud too, and I bet my Granny would be WELL proud!). I look forward to working there for many years to come.

Ps: tune into the new channel the channel numbers in the pic above from 24th February.

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