Oops – zzz

It’s lucky we still have a few days off after coming back from New York… we’re back to work on Wednesday.

I was thinking yesterday that after the night time flight, where I maybe got 5 hours sleep, that I’d get home and do the 10 mile run I have in my plan. But instead, at 12 noon, I had a wee lie down on the bed and before I knew it, it was 4pm. Oops.

(The double espresso at the airport and coffee with breakfast clearly didn’t work).

Then I was a bit later to bed than usual, 11pm… (making overnight oats at 10pm isn’t my normal routine lol)… then managed to sleep in until about 11am this morning – 5 hours ahead of when I should have got up. Oops. It appears I’m still on New York time.

Oh well. 3 days to get it sorted before I’m back at work. And I’m feeling ok (no wonders, after a 12 hour sleep lol).

My plan is to have a normal day today, unpack everything and get an early night, then up for 6 or 7am on Monday, run 10 miles at 7 or 8am Monday. Fingers crossed that all works itself out.

I’m also planning my training for the next three months too – a mixture of running and strength training, back into the gym to see what I can get up to. 🙂

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