My Pearson Porridge

When I stayed with my lovely Uncle and Aunt recently, my uncle made me a nice concoction of porridge, or overnight oats … and I figured when I got back from my holidays I’d make my own again.

His version was nice and simple and had:

– 75g oats
– Almond milk
– Chopped up dried apricots
– Sultanas (or raisins)

Then it was left overnight and eaten in the morning. It sure packed some energy and taste.

So here’s my version:

– 50g oats
– 15g Chopped walnuts (sliced almonds)
– A handful of blueberries (or 40g)
– 20g sultanas
– A sprinkle of cinnamon
– 125ml whole milk

Left overnight in the fridge, then stirred and heated for 1 minute, stir again, heat 1 minute, add milk to taste.

That’s my first attempt anyway, I’ll let you know how they turn out. (1 for each morning for 4 days).

The shopping list for it is:

– 200g oats (500g-1kg in bags or boxesusually)
– A punnet (150g) blueberries
– A bag of sultanas
– A pint (or more) of any kind of milk (I use whole)
– Nuts – either chopped walnuts or sliced almonds.
– Ground Cinnamon

Thanks for the idea uncle Derek! Hopefully it’ll help me live as long as you have! 😜

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