Wk34 onto Wk35

Last week was 3 runs totalling nearly 15 miles, and walks totalling around 10 miles. No strength training, and my sleep wasn’t the best. But I had a good weekend away visiting family I haven’t seen for a while and I feel nice and refreshed, and gave a day off work for the public holiday on Monday.

I ran 7 miles when I was away, and did two runs on Tuesday. Next week I’m planning on running most mornings before work, with a long run on Friday – around 10 miles.

I spent the weekend with my lovely Uncle and Aunt in Letchworth where they loved to around a year ago.

I flew to Luton and hired a car (that turned out to be very similar to mine, only it was a Peugeot instead of a Toyota). Same colour and size, with a glass roof, but a bit newer and with a good car play system which linked seamlessly with my phone.

Whilst visiting my aunt and uncle I also met my cousin and his family, which was nice as I hadn’t seen them in over a decade. Here’s me and my cousin Tony. He’s a London paramedic, I saw them today and yesterday which was nice. And it was good to spend time with my uncle and aunt too.

Now I’m waiting in Luton airport and I couldn’t resist using duty free to get me some apple AirPods at reduced price, minus £10 with RBS Curry’s gift card rewards.

Another gadget, but I’ll use these for listening to music travelling and walking to work. Either via my Apple Watch, iPod or iPhone. They synced simply and they’re great.

Next week I’m thinking this:

Mon: Rest or KB 80/20Strength
Tue: 6M Run wi Twinnie?
Wed: 5k Run
Thu: Rest or 30 min BW strength
Fri: 10M
Sat: 4.3M Run wi Fit Girl
Sun: Rest

I’m tempted not to start strength training as I’ll get sore from it, but I might get a couple of bodyweight workouts in, if I feel up to it.

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