Wk15 into Wk16 taper time

Last week was a slow burner… Monday Tuesday Rest days, they probably did me some good. Taper time has been fine. I had a good easy run on Wednesday then pushed it a little on my run on Thursday.

Thursday was – 8.3 miles comfortable, but pushing it a little, 8:18 min mile pace / avg HR 151 – built up my confidence – felt good. And it was a little warmer too – finally.

I could still feel it in my leg on Saturday, so I took it easy for my last long run – 14 miles. A good week of rest, taper and running.

My sleeps have been better this last week, so hopefully that’ll continue. I’m still off coffee, eating the odd bit of chocolate so not totally caffeine free, but good enough.

Next week, my last week of training …. here’s what I’m planning … I might mix the days about as I’m away Tue / Wed – we’ll see.

Mon: 4-5M steady
Tue: Tempo 6M incl 3-4M fast
Wed: 5k easy
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest

I’ve intentionally stayed out of the gym for a couple of weeks since my holidays… no pint in going back in this week – so I’ll start back at that in May (plus some training for a 10k, once I’m recovered from the marathon.)

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