10 miles in Daviot Woods

Long run Saturday, I’m up in Inverness so decided to do something different and hit the forestry trails.

About 2 miles up to this sign then around a in couple of funny shaped squares of forest.

The weather was showers on and off, but it was fine. I didn’t get much sleep last night and felt a bit crappy / sore head before I started but I took it easy and around 45 minutes in I was feeling good.

I usually don’t like running on trails much as I get wet and dirty feet, and it can be hard – but the scenery was nice and it was nice to feel like I was in the middle of no where with not many people around.

Some nice views over Inverness, and some challenging wee trails. And I managed to hit 10 miles exactly when I got back to my car.

Average HR was 146, max 165. So working hard at parts, but not too hard.

It was pretty hilly on the way out and a nice downhill on the way back to the car. Two caffeine energy gels and plenty of water.

I went up to General Wades Road and ran around there. Hopefully I’ll be feeling ok later on after 1:40 running. 🙂

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