Wk51 into Wk52

Last week was a week full of finishing up at work, 2 gym sessions, 2 runs, 3 rest days, and a few days full of rainbows.

Pretty rainbows showing up outside my work when they hadn’t been around for ages.

Stormy weather and low sun = rainbows in glasgow and wick. My brother sent me the one below from caithness the same day I took the one above.

It would have been my aunt’s birthday on Wednesday, and a nice big double rainbow (below) appeared in the rain. And another the next day too (my niece’s birthday) (top one).
I had a work night out on Tuesday, and a rest day on Wednesday and Thursday (and Sunday). Late night Tuesday = rest day Wednesday as I couldn’t get myself out of bed in time for a workout / run. The dark morning was a bit off putting too.

Here’s what I did, nice and regular, strength, run, rest, rest, strength, run, rest. :-D:

Mon: 15 min spin + Squat strength 4×6
Tue: 4.5M run wi Twinnie
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: 15 min spin + Deadlift strength 2×20
Sat: 5M run
Sun: Rest
As well as wrapping up work (for two weeks – yahoo, can’t wait!) I finished wrapping my Christmas presents too. The dark mornings were at their peak this week, and from now on the days will be getting longer. Phew.

My runs this week have been ok, but I’m wanting to have more consistency with them, 3 or 4 runs a week I think, plus strength.

Today I went out for breakfast and coffee, then worked on my Rainbow Thanks project, more to come about that soon. 🌈

– 8 rainbows, will be hand delivered to 8 very special people. 🙂

I’ve been wanting to say thanks to some good people for a while now and I’ve finally managed to get my idea together.

4 are ready to go, another 4 are waiting for the rainbows. (Henry helped me today, he’s so cute).

Next week’s training will hopefully be:

Mon: Squat strength 2×20
Tue: 6M run
Wed: Rest (or run)
Thu: 15 min spin + Deadlift strength 3×8
Fri: 5k run
Sat: 7M run
Sun: Rest or KB strength

Here’s our presents, all ready for tomorrow. I think I might need an early night. I’m a little bit excited. 🙂 tomorrow will be presents, eat, presents, presents, walk, eat, eat, eat.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – all the best for 2017. X

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