My 2016 in numbers

2016 has been less running for me than previous years, I think I peaked at 1350 miles one year, but this year, especially towards the end of the year, I’ve backed off running to let my sore feet recover from 3 marathons in 18 months. Plantar fasciitis is sore and I figured rest from running would be best.

I took my numbers from Garmin and from Withings and put them in a spreadsheet. I’ll run 1050 miles this year, if I run another 18 or so miles in the next 3 days. Should be achievable.

My highest months running had been March and August, pre the London marathon and the Loch Ness marathon. After Loch Ness Marathon at the end of October, I focussed on spin and gym instead of running. I ran just 5 times in October, vs 24 in August.

3 holidays, and a few weekends away –
– Portugal in March, a well needed sunny break, running and recharging.
– Toronto in June, a great sight seeing tour.
– Skye in June, for the Skye half marathon.
– Dunblane Hydro weekend in August.
– West Coast in October, for walking and fresh air.

My main running events were, 5 in total:

London Marathon in April, 3:36 and an amazing experience – cheered all the way round. This was where my feet began to feel sore after it.

Rest was in order, and we had a good long holiday away in Toronto after it, which was really good. Lots of sight seeing, walking and eating.

Glasgow women’s 10k, in June, pacing at 50 mins, it was very hot and the heat, bad organisation of a new run, plus my level of fitness meant, I did it in 52 minutes.

I still helped a number of women, and actually slowed at the end as I was running with people who were slower than my set pace.

Skye Half Marathon, in June. 1:52. I surprised myself by being 13 minutes slower than my pb there a few years ago. I had fun though and visited a good friend when I was there.

– 5M outrun – in August, with my friend Lesley. A last minute entry and a good local event, out the Kelvin river and back.

Loch Ness marathon, in September. 3:43 – full of amazing pretty rainbows and lovely scenery.

I was really sore after it. For about a week or more, and I knew I really needed to rest after it. I spent some time with my family up in Wick, then went on a road trip around the west coast in October too.

We went to Balmaha, and Lochaline near Mull to see where my Granny and Aunt lived and are laid to rest. A nice trip away. Time out remembering what’s important.

I had planned to do the Southside 6 again, but pulled out once I knew I sensibly shouldn’t. I went along to watch the start, and felt ok about not doing it. 15 miles is a long way, and the end is nasty lol.

Cris Walsh in the Bella Harrier top and red / orange trainers won it, which was nice. I like Cris.

In October and in March, I gave blood. I’ll give again in January or February once my 3 months is up. I’m up to about my 29th pint.

Now here’s the stats… distances split by months above…mileage was low in January, October and December, high in March, April, August and September.

My weight looks like it followed my running – more running = less weight, less running = more weight. I’ve put on just under half a stone since the start of the year.

Jan: 130lbs = 17lbs body fat / 113lbs lbm
Dec: 137lbs = 21lbs body fat / 116lbs lbm

I figure if I get running again, those numbers should decrease again. And if I’m careful with what and how I eat too. Let’s see what 2017 will have in store there.

In 2016, I ran 165 times, hopefully that’ll be 168 by the end of this week. I burned almost 92,000 calories running an average of an hour or 6.25 miles each run. My max distance was 26.2 miles (twice).

I did 50 strength training sessions many in January and July (outside marathon training) and more regularly in the last three months.

Aside from me, I spent the year coaching Amazing Audrey, who lived up to the name I gave her – and successfully trained for and completed the New York Marathon in November. Great effort Audrey, I’ve been well impressed by her determination and attitude throughout the last year.

Animals now – I ran with Auley the dog twice, and I loved it. I think he did too. 

And we got many visits from Henry the cat too. He likes boxes, and cuddles.

In September I bought a new Apple Watch for myself, and I’m about to trade in my Garmin 920xt and Garmin Vivoactive for a Garmin 735xt.

I’m selling my white Vivoactive for £100 and my 920xt for £200 if you’re interested, let me know: lorn

I flew my kite maybe twice this year, I must do that more often. I love it. 🙂

I visited my Dad twice this year, and had some good walks and chats with him … not to mention ice cream. I’m visiting him again soon with a special surprise present for him.

I read quite a few books this year, I’ll post more about them soon.

That’ll do I think. 2017 will be about getting back into running, and hopefully coaching some more people to help them get into running too. (I got 3 new clients in December, and Amazing Audrey is coming back to me too).

I’ll be aiming to run up to half marathons, taking a rest from marathons for a year or two. And I’ll be keeping up the strength training and spin too, as I’ve been enjoying them both.

Oh and I saw and was sent lots and lots of rainbows. And I got this special one from my boss as a Christmas present, she knows me well. 🙂

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