Sleeping almost 10 hours

I’m in trouble… or to be precise, next week when I go back to work I might be in trouble. Since I’ve been on holiday I’ve been sleeping around 10 hours of each 24.

Usually I get about 7-9 hours sleep, but I’ve been getting about 10 on average each day. (The avg weekly amount below first include naps!)

And perhaps more importantly, no sleep issues. I’m able to get to sleep easily and stay asleep, with no insomnia. 🙂

Work and life is clearly interrupting my natural need for sleep. 😉 In the last week or so, it’s involved quite a few naps, early nights and long evening sleeps.


I’ll need to try to get back on an even keel and be up early for next week when I go back to work. I’ll try for early nights and early mornings from tonight onwards.

Or maybe I need to give up work as it’s clearly interfering with my required sleep? 😉

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