Zippy house martin or fat pigeon

I had a nice little routine going on when I was on holiday. We’d be up and out for a run by around 730am… then we’d explore the local area for around 45 minutes or 5 miles. Around 9,000 steps later, the run helped us wake up and be active on an empty stomach before breakfast.

After the run, we’d go down for breakfast that was typically fruit and yoghurt, followed by eggs, tomatoes, hash browns and beans. Plenty coffee and water to start the day.

Then we’d go back up to the room and as Fit Girl got ready, I sat on the veranda as the sun came up, and I either watched the world go by, watched as the speedy house martins flew around, catching flies, or read my book. Nice and relaxing. 🙂

… and I love watching the house martins zip by (just as I remember my Dad doing when I was young).

I remembering coming in from playing when I was young, to find my dad in the front room. And I’d ask him what he was doing and he’d say ‘watching the world go by’. I never understood it then, but I understand it now.

He used to also watch the house martins zip by our house up in Wick. Something he said he’d miss if he ever moved away.

I get it, I really do. Having sat there in the sun, taking some time out, just watching the world go by. I realise that I should do it more often. Perhaps the sun won’t be guaranteed … but I can take the time out. 🙂

When I was away, I kept active with running and walking. Got LOADS of sleep, and ate and hydrated well. Plenty sun, heat, plenty rest and relaxation time. Some pool time and some nice, fun times. (No work, no stress). Not to mention plenty of ice cream too. 😉

After the change in lifestyle for just 5 days, I came back to find that my weight / body fat had changed as follows:

Pre holiday 26 March:
130.3lbs / 15.2% body fat
19.8lbs body fat / 110.5 lbs lean body mass

Post holiday 30 March:
131.1lbs / 14.4% body fat
18.9lbs body fat / 112.5 lbs lean body mass

So I lost 1lb of body fat and added 2lb lean body mass. (And fit girl added the same lbm and lost 2lb body fat.)

Maybe the ice cream was good for me??! 😉

This morning I woke up to grey skies, and it was about 10’C colder. Ouch.

I made my morning coffee and looked out to our garden to see this…

Two fat and hardly able to fly weegie pigeons … eating the bird food we’d left out. One of them was almost dwarfing the bird table we have.

Now I’m sitting here thinking about the house martin vs the pigeon. And I’m reminded that I have a marathon to run in around 4 weeks time.

Lean body mass or fat… It’s all weight. All weight that I’ll need to carry around the marathon. Racing Weight says I should be about half a stone lighter to be at my peak racing weight – 123-124lbs. It might make running the marathon a bit easier.

Whilst I might be ‘lean’ compared to some… every bit will help… so I’m going to try to spend the next few weeks really focussing on training right and eating right and see what happens.

If I stay the same weight / body composition, then so be it. Or, if I lose any, then great. I’m going to try to be the zippy house martin to see if I can make it easier to get around London.

I’ve been reading Matt Fitzgerald’s book about training and eating for marathons – More veg, more fruit, more nuts and more lean meat, more dairy and whole grains. Less sweets and fried foods. More cross training and a taper period. And I’ll see what happens.

Now I’ve mentioned this on my Facebook, but last minute I’ve decided to run London and raise funds for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. One of my good friends has had Crohn’s since we were teenagers and the way she deals with it is well impressive. Not many people know about the condition and the charity needs more exposure, so that’s why I’m raising money for them.

If you can spare a few pounds, go onto I’ll try not to push this too much, so if you can donate now, please do. Thanks to those who have already.

Here’s to zippy speedy house martins. 🙂

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