Friday 11th December – 5 mile run

The weather forecast for Friday morning was 1 degree C with freezing fog and when I watched it on Thursday night I wished I had gone for my morning 5 mile run on Thursday morning.  But never mind.
I got up at 6:40 and got ready – I was out the door for 7am.  Long tights, a short sleeved top and a long sleeved top, then my high viz jacket (and my hat).  And again, by about 20 minutes my lower half was freezing again!  I had considered putting another pair of trousers on, and I think I definately will next time it’s this cold.
Anyway, I took it nice and easy today.  I didn’t know if it would be icy or not, so took my time and took little steps.
I knew I was gonig slower than normal by the first 5 minute mark, but kept on at it.  It was a good steady run.
RUN: 5.1M, 43:30 mins, 550 calories, Pace: 8:32 minutes per mile.
Ave HR: 154 (81%), Max HR: 169 (88%), Min HR: 82 (43%).
Got an 11 mile run at the weekend – if I can fit it in – think I’ll run to Bella, do the loop de loop through Pollock Park, then 2 miles home.  I’m teaching swimming again on Saturday morning….and seeing my parents on Sunday – so hopefully I can fit it in!
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