Sunday 13th – Long Run

I did my long run at 8am on Sunday morning.  It was minus 2 degrees C, but I had to get out early as the plumber was coming to look at the shower.  And based on my ‘cold bum and leg experience’ I was sure to wear two pairs of running tights.  I had two tops on, an underlayer and a t-shirt, a hat and my high viz jacket. It was bloody cold, mainly on my face and on my legs – freezing fog again……but it was worth getting up for.
I ran 10.5 miles in total – from my flat to Bellahouston via Paisley Road West, down Corkerhill Road, into Pollock Park, around the 10k loop de loop, through Bellahouston Park and back along Paisley Road West.
I finished it in just under 1 hour 23 – pace: 7:54 per mile, 7.6mph.
Ave HR: 158 (83%), Max HR: 174 (91%), Min HR: 115. Calories: 1050.
Next week is a short taper week with 2 x 2 miles and 1 x 3.7 miles and then the half marathon on Sunday. Looking forward to it… then holidays from the 24th – Portufgal here we come!!
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