Another elephant dropped

That’s another elephant dropped internationally… in memory of my Granny. (You might have read or heard this one before as I’ve been doing it for a while now).

Last week before coming to Tenerife I came across the three little ones in a charity shop on Byres Rd, and at £1 each I couldn’t resist getting three.

(The big one in the pic was my Granny’s – he came all the way from India in the war… ad the one at the front was a present from my brother Ewen).

As you might know, I’m away on holiday with my brother, his family and my Dad and step mum… a nice sunny break away with lots of fun, sun, food and ice cream.

Today I told my nephews the story about why I drop elephants… about how when I was young I was fascinated by the big elephant my granny had, and I now have (and I call him Fletch).

Then when my Granny was 87, I sent her a small white elephant for her Christmas. I wrapped it up and sent it to her in early December, then sadly on the 13th December that year, she passed away, and it left the wee elephant in limbo. I’d given it, but she hadn’t opened it.

I went to help my aunt at my granny’s house with everything that needed done. And I asked if I could open the present and maybe put the elephant down in the coffin with her.

In the meantime my then 1 year old niece and my brother and sister in law arrived. And after a few hours my brother came out to see me, with a worried look on his face… the white elephant had been on the coffee table, and my niece had knocked it off the table and smashed it.

I shrugged my shoulders and realised it wasn’t the end of the world, then went in to see the damage and glued it together. And when my granny was buried, she had the elephant and a picture of my Niece which my brother had gifted her too with her.

Since then, every so often I buy a small elephant and take it with me on a trip after it lives in my house for a bit. Then I drop it and remember my granny and how special she was.

Today I went to the front of the hotel near the sea, with my nephews and dropped it. Can you see him?

And now, crucially, they know the story and that I’m not just some crazy elephant lady that my brother describes me as. Ha! Now they know the story too. Crazy elephant aunt – or maybe not?

Here’s the view the elephant has – not bad eh? I dropped countless elephants and o can’t even remember where now, but this one has a nice sunny warm home near the sea. (A bit warmer than the one o dropped in wick!).

After I told them about the elephant story, my nephews asked me about the rainbows, and I said they reminded me of my granny and when I’d visit her on the west coast. After she passed, I’d see them and think she was all around me.

THEN they asked me about the cape and I said I made that one up myself lol.

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